Prince Charles and Camilla launch a royal tour of Canada in the midst of growing skepticism

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Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla, this week on a three-day tour of Canada focusing on indigenous reconciliation and climate change, and connections with the increasingly skeptical Canadians of the monarchy. Will start.

Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall stop in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Ottawa, and the Yellowknife region. “A more sustainable way to live with global warming,” said Clarence House, the couple’s official London mansion.

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In line with those priorities, they will attend a reconciliation event in St. John’s and visit the First Nations community in Dettah, Yellowknife. There will also be a visit to the Data Ice Road and discussions on the importance of sustainable finance in building an economy with zero carbon emissions.

Prince Charles of the United Kingdom and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall will visit the High Commission of Canada in London on Thursday, May 12, 2022.
— Pool photo via Hannah McKay / AP

The visit, which begins on Tuesday, is Prince Charles’ 19th trip to Canada and Camilla’s fifth trip.

This is a fun opportunity for royal fans looking forward to the couple’s first visit to Canada since 2017. Robert Finch, Head of the Monaquist League in Canada, believes in the tour in honor of Queen Platinum Jubilee. Throne – I couldn’t come any longer.

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“We are getting out of the pandemic that has hit us all, and we are in a more uncertain situation about what you are doing, economically and geopolitically,” he said in a telephone interview. Told. “So it’s great to have some kind of positive things, something to bless and bring together.”

In addition to more serious meetings, this trip includes lots of glitz and photography, including visits to local businesses, ceremonies celebrating Jubilee, watching RCMP musical rides, and horse riding performances.

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Both supporters and critics of the monarchy have stated that this visit will be a test of Charles’ ability to defeat the Canadian population when monarchy oversight is strengthened.

Opinion polls suggest that support for Canada’s monarchy has steadily declined in recent years.

In an Angus Reid online poll released in late April, a representative sample of 1,607 Canadian adults found that more than half _51% _ should maintain a monarchy for the next generation. 26% thought it should, while they felt it wasn’t. ..

The Queen was still seen favorably by the majority of respondents, but only 29% saw Charles that way, and supported the constitutional monarchy under his control. It was only 34%.

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There is no margin of error for online polling, but Angus Reid said for comparison that the probability sample of this size is accurate within 2.5 percentage points, 19 times out of 20.

Finch does not have much inventories in poll results suggesting that Canadians are ready to abandon the monarchy. This is partly due to the way the question is framed. “Republicanism, in my view, is not a proposal for victory. If so, one of the country’s major political parties would have adopted it,” he said.

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But he said the tour could be one of the most important royal visits to date. This may be due to the focus on indigenous reconciliation, but also because Charles has the opportunity to consolidate his role as future king when his aged mother is retreating. ..

He admitted that Charles “has something to do” to appeal to the Canadian people, mainly because his mother is so loved. “She will be a difficult action for her to follow,” he said.

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Patrick Taillon, a law professor at Laval University in Quebec City who once challenged British succession law in court, said when both Canada and Britain were finally preparing to move to Charles as king. He said a visit would come.

At that moment, he said in Canada, “it is likely to put the conversation about the nature of our system and the choice of monarchy at the forefront.”

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Taillon said that Canadians once saw monarchy as part of their identity, but they were trying to differentiate themselves from Americans, but they are no longer.

He said a recent Caribbean royal tour by Prince William and his wife, Kate, was described by Megan Markle along with a permanent image of British colonial rule, and her husband, Prince Harry. He said he had elicited criticism of allegations of abuse. Withdrawing from the royal mission in 2020, it shows that the institution has not evolved over time.

He admits that changing Canada’s constitution is notoriously difficult, but said that sooner or later it would be unavoidable. Quebec, with the most anti-crown sentiment, is ready to move forward for a long time, he added.

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Prince Charles and Camilla launch a royal tour of Canada in the midst of growing skepticism

Source link Prince Charles and Camilla launch a royal tour of Canada in the midst of growing skepticism

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