Prince Charles absent from Queen Elizabeth to open British Parliament

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Prince Charles and Prince William, the successors to the British throne, set the stage for the glitz and delight of the opening ceremony of Congress on Tuesday, making the 96-year-old Queen Elizabeth, who missed a spectacular set-piece event, healthier. Replaced with a problem.

Charles intervened to read the government’s legislative agenda at the Palace of Westminster as the Queen was forced to withdraw for the first time in almost 60 years. This is the first time he has assumed such a major constitutional obligation.

The oldest and longest monarch in the world, the Queen has been absent from almost all famous public events in recent months. She was forced to absent from her speech due to the recurrence of her mobility problems.

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In recent years, Charles, who attended the opening ceremony of Congress with his mother, wore the Admiral’s uniform and read the agenda from the throne. While the Queen announced her “My Government’s Will,” Prince Charles said, “Her Majesty’s Government’s Will …”.

The opening ceremony of the parliament is traditionally escorted by mounted soldiers in ceremonial uniforms, where the Queen travels to parliament in a state carriage while the Imperial State Crown and other regalia advance in their carriages. It’s a huge glitz and pageantry event of your own.

Ceremony held in the spring or after national elections embodies centuries of separation of powers between the crown, the elected House of Commons, the House of Lords, and the judiciary.

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The monarch donated the Capitol before leading the procession to the Capitol, where she formally held a new parliamentary meeting and read a speech outlining its legislative plan by the government.

She reads the document in a formal and neutral tone to avoid the feeling of approval or disapproval of the policy. This is another approach adopted by her son on Tuesday.

Sitting next to the Queen’s crown, surrounded by his eldest son William and his wife Camilla, Charles gave a speech to lawmakers and lords in red ceremonial robes.

The Queen missed this opportunity only twice during her 70-year reign, when she was pregnant with her sons Andrew and Edward in 1959 and 1963.

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The Queen had to issue a “letter’s patent” to allow Charles and William to play that role on her behalf. Elizabethan never delegated any other duties, according to palace sources.

The Queen is then expected to be seen in public during the four-day celebration of June to commemorate the Platinum Jubilee.

Buckingham Palace said last week that it plans to attend most major events during the celebration, but her presence was not confirmed until the day.

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Prince Charles absent from Queen Elizabeth to open British Parliament

Source link Prince Charles absent from Queen Elizabeth to open British Parliament

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