Prince Albert Catholic opens year of anniversary celebrations with special Mass on the riverbank

Bishop Stephen Hero offers prayers on the riverbank near the former one-room Prince Albert Catholic School. The department will turn 135 in March 2022, but has decided to postpone the celebration until the next school year due to concerns over COVID-19. — Photo submitted by Prince Albert Catholic School District.

Prince Albert Catholic School District celebrates 135th anniversaryth On Friday morning there will be a special mass for staff returning to the riverbank.

Education director Laurel Tormier said she chose the location on the advice of Bishop Stephen Hero. Because the original he department started in 1887 was close to a one-room log school.

“It started 135 years ago with families wanting a faith-based education, and 135 years later, we still have families wanting a faith-based education,” said Toulmier.

“It’s amazing what (the division) stands up to the test of time.”

The morning event included a special blessing and land approval. Trumier said his division benefits from being in Treaty 6 territory and his Metis home base, which they wanted to acknowledge on Friday.

The department has several more celebration events planned for the 2022-23 school year, which will be announced at a later date. School staff also want to meet with parents and local councils before making any final decisions.

In any case, Trumier said he was just happy to be able to hold the celebration this year.

“The proclamation (from Queen Victoria) was made in March 1887, but with everything being COVID, we felt it was better to start the school year and have celebrations throughout the year,” she said. explained.

To mark its 135th anniversary, the department will have a special focus on moccasin projects. This project helps students learn about the call for truth and reconciliation.

Mr Toulmier said he wanted to put more effort into reconciliation after the Pope visited Canada this summer. The department did some preparatory work with the students before the visit so that they could understand why the Pope is in Canada. But Trumier says there is still work to be done.

“What we have to do is recognize that the first step regarding truth and reconciliation is part of the journey,” she explained. We must be part of the journey and part of that healing process.

“The Holy Spirit is at work here, proclaiming that every child matters and that we are called to relationships that are consistent with the teachings of the gospel and the way we live,” she added. “I’m excited about the opportunity to delve deeper into it. It’s not that the Pope came and apologized. He calls on all of us Catholic educators and Christians to be part of the journey of truth and reconciliation.” So it’s very powerful for us.”

When the 2022-23 school year begins, the Prince Albert Catholic School District will have approximately 350 staff and 3,000 students. This is far from his 31 students when the department started in 1887.

While much has changed in the educational world during that time, Toulmier said the desire for a high-quality, faith-based education from Prince Albert’s family has not changed.

“We want to be good descendants of our ancestors…and be able to provide a Catholic education,” she said. It is.”


Prince Albert Catholic opens year of anniversary celebrations with special Mass on the riverbank

Source link Prince Albert Catholic opens year of anniversary celebrations with special Mass on the riverbank

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