Prevent this Google message bug from draining your Android battery

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If you are using Google Messages on Android Quietly steal battery life from your phone.. And wHire google Have Fixed the problem. The patch may not hit the device for some time. In the meantime, there are steps to prevent the app from draining the battery unnecessarily.

How Google message Will drain the battery

Like many chat apps, Google Messages A shortcut for snapping and sending simple photos and videos to the message thread.This feature allows you to take a photo from a small live feed for faster access or tap You can extend your live feed to get a better view of what you’re shooting.

But wHill This feature is certainly useful. Bugs put a strain on Android battery life.Usually when you stop using it The feature, Google Messages, will stop access to the camera. hHowever, this bug activates the camera in Google messages. No feedback from the app itself. However, Android 12 is better than apps that use the camera, so affected users knew where the obstacles were.

Leaving the camera open for long periods of time can have a significant impact on the battery, as some people accidentally activate the camera. camera Can be proved in their pockets.That, coupled with the security implications of apps that use the camera without your knowledge, let alone Google The app makes this bug one of the concerns.

This bug doesn’t seem to be new either. Reddit thread We have been discussing this issue since February 15th. In other words, Google Messages may have drained the user’s battery for several months at this point.

How to stop Google message bug due to battery drain

Fortunately, Google is currently releasing a patch for the bug. Google Communication Manager Scott Westover Confirmed by The Verge The company fixed the problem and issued a patch to the user. However, there is no current time frame for its implementation, so you may need to take one or two steps to prevent the bug from draining the battery until the patch is applied to your phone.

If you want to tackle this issue passively, every time Android notifies you that the app is using the camera,[最近]Be sure to close Google Messages from the view. A more permanent solution until the patch is published to your device is to remove the Google Message permission to use the camera. This only works if you have never used the in-app camera feature.This option is a Google message setting[許可>カメラ>許可しない


Prevent this Google message bug from draining your Android battery

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