Prestigious boys’ school named in lawsuit alleging sexual abuse

Upper Canada College (UCC) is now publicly named as the school at the center of a lawsuit alleging that a student was sexually assaulted by a classmate.

Earlier this month, an Ontario court of appeals partially overturned a rare publication ban that prevented the name of an elite all-boys private school from being made public in a lawsuit.

If it is not overturned, “the decision that they are able to operate anonymously and proceed with this case without anyone knowing anything is in direct violation of the principles of open court and is of great interest.” It would have been a dangerous step,” Plaintiffs’ attorney Brogan Masters said.

The parties have agreed to maintain the prohibition on disclosure of student names and other information that could indirectly identify minors.

this is latest ruling Halton Hills, associated with UCC, in an ongoing multi-layered sexual assault lawsuit filed by a former student and his parents in January 2020.

“A minor plaintiff was sexually assaulted by two minor defendants in a cabin with a broomstick,” Masters alleges. “He told the teacher who was there. We say the school did absolutely nothing about it.”

Among other things, the family alleges negligence and breach of duty in the lawsuit and is seeking $5 million in compensation. Two students who allegedly attacked the youth have also been named as defendants.

Upper Canada College denies this allegation and has no court-proven claims. The publication ban still covers their names and the date the assault occurred.

In a statement to CityNews, Upper Canada College claims the young man did not speak to school officials about the incident until he faced disciplinary action on another matter.

At that point, the youth was being reprimanded for being part of a group of students who shared inappropriate content online. According to the school, the content that prompted the investigation included a post about a school shooting.

The family alleges that three school officials were involved in misconduct in handling the so-called “website incident.” The young man claims he was detained after being coerced into confessing.

Court documents show that the young man dropped out of school in anticipation of being expelled.

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“The plaintiff’s family told UCC that in exchange for allowing the plaintiff to remain a student at the university, they would not make the assault allegations public,” the school claims.

Masters stressed that her client denied the UCC’s version of events and that the boy tried to report the incident shortly after it allegedly happened, but eventually gave up when nothing was done.

Upper Canada College is now publicly named as the school at the center of a lawsuit alleging that a student was sexually assaulted by a classmate.

“The school has publicly apologized numerous times for sexual assault incidents that went unreported and uninvestigated,” Masters said.

“This is not just about a particular actor at a particular point in time. It is a culture. Trying to make things worse, and that’s what happened to the minor plaintiff.”

The school isWe are committed to providing safe and secure learning an environment for everyone in our community,” and “any form of harassment, abuse, or intimidation Not allowed. ”

It adds that reported incidents will be thoroughly investigated. and acted.

In this situation, Upper Canada College said it suspended its website’s case discipline and contacted authorities as soon as the family informed them of the sexual assault allegations. The students and staff involved are not yet in school or working, he added.

“UCC has always acted to support our students while following the guidance of the authorities,” the school said in a statement.

“Supporting the students involved, the UCC investigated the allegations to the best of their ability, along with the Toronto Police, Halton Regional Police, and the Toronto Child Assistance Association.”

The school also claims that the boy’s family refused to participate in the investigation without permission from the UCC. Guaranteed a favorable outcome in the disciplinary process for website incidents.

Families refused to participate in the study because they were concerned about the impact on minors and distrusted the school’s involvement, Masters said. Instead, they chose the civil route, which they feel offers more protection.

“My parents said I wouldn’t take criminal charges against my son. He’s just a boy.

Prestigious boys’ school named in lawsuit alleging sexual abuse

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