Pregnant Ontarians have a delayed coronavirus immunization rate despite their high risk of the virus.

She was initially hesitant to get the COVID-19 vaccine when she learned that Cindy Brown, a resident of Holland Landing, was pregnant in April.

“I immediately started thinking about whether to get the vaccine,” Brown told CTV News Toronto. She said she wasn’t Antibacs in itself, but she was certainly uncertain.

“I felt I didn’t know how to forgive myself if I had any side effects on my foetation.”

However, after talking to a doctor and learning more about the mRNA vaccine, Brown concluded that the benefits outweigh the unexplained risks.

“It was a terrifying decision,” Brown said. “But I made it because I was always told. It’s even worse to catch pregnant COVID-19 without vaccination.”

Brown was one of a significant group of pregnant Ontarians who hesitated to immunize against the virus. COVID-19 vaccination of pregnant individuals, despite being classified as “highest risk” and being warned of being hospitalized, critically ill, preterm birth, and even dying The rate is still relatively low.

According to the ICES COVID-19 dashboard, only 60% of pregnant women in Ontario were fully vaccinated as of October 3. This is much lower than 81% of the typical eligible population at the time.

Dr. Deshayne Fell, an associate professor of epidemiology and public health at the University of Ottawa, said:

“We know there is still a gap to fill. It’s a very important gap to fill because the risk of getting COVID-19 during pregnancy is real,” said the Obstetricians and Gynecologists Association. CEO Dr. Jennifer Blake said. Canada’s (SOGC) said Wednesday.

The Ontario Ministry of Health recommends that people at any stage of pregnancy be vaccinated with COVID-19 as soon as possible, warning that the expected infection can be serious. I am.

“If you’re pregnant and infected with COVID-19, especially if your lungs are already compressed in your abdomen late in pregnancy, you’ll have a much longer time with a respiratory infection,” Blake said. .. “Your life is at greater risk.”

One in five of the UK’s most severely ill COVID-19 patients was an unvaccinated pregnant woman, according to figures released on Monday. In the United States, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently issued an urgent health recommendation recommending vaccines for pregnant patients. This is because a quarter of pregnant Americans have rarely been vaccinated as expected.

Dr. Tali Bogler, a Toronto family medicine obstetrics provider who co-founded the social media platform Pandemic Pregnancy Guide, emphasizes that the data support the safety of the COVID-19 vaccine during pregnancy.

“We have a large dataset, and about 80,000 people were vaccinated during pregnancy,” Bogler said. “Some of these babies are now 6 months old and, overall, there are no warning signs of safety issues regarding the pregnancy itself, leading to increased miscarriage and preterm birth, or birth defects in the child.”

Cindy Brown, 33 weeks pregnant, is grateful for choosing immunization in the first semester.

“He’s fine and absolutely fine, so I’m surprised I was hesitant in the first place,” she said of the baby. “I am very relieved that the antibody will be given to him.”

Pregnant Ontarians have a delayed coronavirus immunization rate despite their high risk of the virus.

Source link Pregnant Ontarians have a delayed coronavirus immunization rate despite their high risk of the virus.

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