Polio: 5 things you should know about this deadly disease

Public health officials have warned health care workers to be vigilant against polio, but most doctors are unfamiliar with the symptoms of this highly contagious and life-threatening disease.Article CMAJ (Journal of the Canadian Medical Association) summarizes five things you should know about polio.

  1. Oral polio vaccine is used internationally but has not been used in Canada since 1996
    The poliovirus used in the oral polio vaccine is shed in the faeces for several weeks and is contagious. When circulating among immunocompromised populations, it may mutate back into a form that causes paralysis in immunocompromised or immunocompromised individuals. I have. Inactivated polio vaccine is used in Canada and does not cause disease.
  2. Poliovirus may be spreading in Canada
    Vaccine-derived polio will be detected in sewage in the US and UK in 2022.
  3. People who have received less than 4 doses of vaccine are at risk of infection
    The poliovirus is highly contagious, spreads by the fecal-oral route, and sheds the virus without symptoms for weeks. The incubation period for him is 3-6 days, and the paralysis develops for him in 7-21 days. Children under the age of 5 are most at risk.
  4. The clinical picture of polio varies from asymptomatic to paralysis and death
    Most poliovirus infections (75%) are asymptomatic. Symptoms in the remaining 24% may include gastrointestinal illness, followed by rapid weakness and paralysis over 1-3 weeks. Her 1 patient in 200 develops paralytic polio, and his 5% to 15% of paralyzed patients die from respiratory muscle paralysis.
  5. Polio should be considered in all patients with sudden flaccid paralysis
    Faecal samples should be sent for enterovirus polymerase chain reaction and enterovirus molecular serotyping. Patients and public health should be notified immediately if there is clinical suspicion, even without laboratory confirmation.

“The success of global immunization has made polio a rare infectious disease,” said Dr. Marina Salvadori, Department of Pediatrics, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, and Public Health Canada. “Healthcare workers should pay attention to this diagnosis in patients with acute flaccid paralysis because elimination is within our reach.”

5 things you should know about polio‘ was released on November 15, 2022.

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Polio: 5 things you should know about this deadly disease

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