Please reduce the amount of garbage you throw away this Halloween

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The eerie season has arrived, and we are here for it. But what comes to mind every Halloween, every holiday, is the amount of waste it creates. According to a British survey, costumes alone generate over 2,000 tons of waste annually...How to do all the fun, all the cheerful eerie, and feast Without making extra waste? With that in mind, we’ve put these ideas together to make Halloween more sustainable and reduce the amount of things we have to throw away.

Compost your decoration

You’ll want to buy a plastic decoration (which isn’t the worst if you can reuse it), but eventually you’ll have to throw a huge orange pumpkin into a landfill. Instead, decorate with items found in nature, such as pumpkins, gourds, hay, and corn stalks.With leaves Make an autumn wreathOr put it in a frame and hang it on the wall. Cut off the top of the gourd and scoop it oMake a natural vase using the pulp. Assemble squash, mini pumpkins, pine cones and leaves under the bell jar.Issue a challenge to your family Make your own scarecrow, Only with upcycled materials from your home.Compost all of you when autumn turns into winter organic matter. (Remember: the painted one cannot be composted, so carve it Do not apply pumpkin. )

Make your own costume (or buy a used costume)

Instead of buying mass-produced items from Amazon, you can use what you already own to make costumes.The old white sheet will be the perfect ghost (or mummy), you can turn a black umbrella into Killer bat feathers, When, Well, did you consider Being Trader Joe?? (It’s more cute than I expected.) Squid game, Check these out DIY costume ideas..Or go to a local consignment store or goodwill to see what the treasure is Be buried..

Thrift shop, Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and your own circle of friends can be a great source of information on recycled costumes. If you really need to buy a costume, make sure it can be worn again.

Make decorations from your recycling

Take a quick look at your Recycle Bin for items you can use to haunt your vestibule. Make howling with old milk containers and Christmas illuminations.Spirit Jug,”paint Paper egg carton for making bats, Turn the cardboard box into a tombstone.

Use eco-friendly trick or treat bags

Want to hear something really scary?Americans use estimates 100 billion plastic bags a year.. Instead of increasing this waste with disposable plastic Halloween bags, decorate paper bags, tote bags, drawstring bags, plastic buckets you already own, or go to an old school and use pillowcases ( Holds more candies anyway).

Curate candy

I don’t want to be anyone that A house that distributes apples and pretzels, but Candy Rapper is the main criminal of Halloween’s overall waste. What can I give to the trick or treater instead? Consider greeting trick or treaters with anything they can use, such as freshly baked cookies, hot buttered popcorn served in small paper bags, or Halloween pencils, tattoos, and an eraser that glows in the dark. Please give me. If you use traditional candy roots, buy them in bulk to reduce plastic packaging.

Clean up party supplies

If you have a Halloween-themed Cindig, a disposable disposable plate, cup, And cutlery; in fact, you can Avoid tools as much as possible Focus on finger food. Use biodegradable plates or buy a set of thick plastic plates that can be washed and reused many times. Use labels or markers to allow guests to use only one cup overnight.

Responsibly dispose of Halloween plunder

Reduce post-Halloween waste Donate, Sell or organize family costume exchanges. Send organic matter such as pumpkins and leaves to the compost box. Save the fake cobweb material and stuff it with softened cushions (and perhaps future scarecrows) to create unique art and jewelery …Candy wrapper??Some non-craft sets are too complicated, but some of us can’t glue the wrapper to a cardboard square. Super fun coaster??

If you just can’t get angry with your child eating all that candy, join us Switch witch, When shipping Operation thanks, Or their stockings, or save it for Easter. (((Candies last longer than you think.. Make sure there are no bats on those wrappers. Otherwise, the cover will be blown off).

Please reduce the amount of garbage you throw away this Halloween

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