Playhouse sticking to capacity limits

The Thousand Islands Playhouse in Gananoque has decided to continue to comply with the original capacity limits, even though the government recently relaxed restrictions on the Ontario Theater.

The change took effect early Saturday, allowing theaters, concert halls and other designated venues to open at 100% capacity.

However, the Thousand Islands Playhouse has decided to operate and maintain 50% capacity for the rest of the 2021 season.

With about 50 performances remaining in the theater this season, management felt it needed to notify spectators who were committed to certain restrictions of the change, said managing artistic director Brett Christopher. rice field.

Playhouse wanted to show its patrons that it was also working on the limits and protocols that came into force in March to keep everyone safe by continuing to limit capacity and social distance.

Despite some of the impact the theater felt from the decline in spectators, management wanted to continue to provide the experience that regular spectators had previously purchased.

Currently, there are socially distant pairs in the auditorium, and if the house is 100% full, there will be no social distance.

“If you buy a ticket with that in mind and it no longer applies, you’ll probably choose not to come anymore,” Christopher explained. “We wanted to maintain the commitment we made.”

The theater continues to operate with previous safety plans, including an outdoor lobby tent where guests wait before the play begins, and when the show begins, people are drawn to socially distant pairs.

Christopher explained that the plays chosen this season range from 70 to 100 minutes without breaks to reduce the level of interaction between people.

The playhouse has sold out play up to 50% capacity. Christopher talked about all the performances so far. From this point on, all newly announced productions and performances, including the 2022 season plays, will be sold in 100% capacity.

“It was a big step for the spectators to decide to buy a ticket and return to the theater, so instead of changing the rules along the way, we want to repay their loyalty. Also for COVID and restrictions. Nevertheless, I am grateful for the decision to return to the theater this year, “said Christopher.

According to Christopher, the Springer Theater will open in May next year, as long as the restrictions remain unchanged.

“Then both venues will be back in full operation,” he added.

The 2022 season lineup was scheduled to be announced Thursday at 11:00 am through the Facebook Live and Playhouse websites.

Normally, the playhouse operates two venues, but due to COVID-19, only the smaller of the two, the Fire Hall Theater, operates. On the other hand, the cost of performing a play is virtually the same.

The theater now has Serving Elizabeth on stage, after which Miss Caledonia runs throughout most of November. Playhouse hosts eight shows a week from Tuesday to Sunday.

Playhouse sticking to capacity limits

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