Pistons ride a powerful bench to defeat the Raptors

Detroit (AP) — Trey Lyles scored 21 points, Cade Cunningham and Hamidudiaro added 18 each, and the Detroit Pistons defeated the Toronto Raptors 103-87 on Friday night to stretch their amazing stretches.

Piston has lost 18 in the last 19 games and is 5-3 in 2022 after finishing 2021.

Josh Jackson was 13 points away from the bench as the Pistons held Toronto down to a 32.2% shot. As the three starters spent much of the night in foul trouble, Lyles and Jackson got out of the bench to play an important role in the victory.

Fred VanVleet scored 24 points and 10 assists in Toronto, but shot 21-6 from the floor. Pascal Siakam has added 23 points and 11 rebounds to the Raptors. The Raptors won six straight games and then lost two straight games.

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Detroit held the Raptors down to a 28.6% shot, building a 56-43 half-time lead, including VanVleet’s 2-9. This is the biggest of the season. The Pistons also had 22-7 edges at half the bench points, including 15 from Lyles.

Detroit extended its lead to 18, but had a few key players due to foul trouble. The Raptors were within 69-60, but due to continued aggressive fighting, they dragged 83-66 at the end of the third round.

Jackson started fourth with three pointers, giving the Pistons a lead of the first 20 points of the season, while VanVleet’s three pointers went 91-83 at 3:39. Cunningham returned the margin to 11 with three pointers remaining 2:41, and Detroit clinched the game from the free throw line.

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Raptors: Toronto started a road trip of 5 games and a stretch of 8 out of 10 games from home. … VanVleet has won at least four three-pointers in the franchise, marking the longest nine-game winning streak in the NBA this season. He missed eight of his first 11 attempts, but at 7:06 he set a record with three pointers and played.

Pistons: Detroit has won five of the last eight, but all three defeats were at least 29 points, including the 133-87 defeat by the Chicago Bulls on Tuesday.

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Raptors: Visit Milwaukee Bucks on Saturday.

Pistons: Host Phoenix Suns on Sunday in a game scheduled for January 12th.

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Pistons ride a powerful bench to defeat the Raptors

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