Pink reminds me of “a pretty terrible panic attack”: “it gets better”

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Pink wants fans to know that when they’re tackling mental health issues, they’ll get better.

To commemorate Mental Health Awareness, Pink and the Childmind Institute have debuted a new Dareto Share campaign that opens up for “So What” singers to deal with anxiety throughout their lives.

“I used to have a pretty bad panic attack, but I didn’t know what was going on. I didn’t have anyone to talk about it and I didn’t know what to do,” she said. .. “I feel like I’m having a stroke, like the symptoms of a stroke. That was horrifying.”

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Pink tried to overcome that feeling by sitting in a car or going to the emergency room.

I always have a lot of EKG back to “You’re fine, you’re fine, nothing bad, you imagine it all, it’s all in your head” “She explained. “Then I started meeting the therapist, and then I started doing all these things. I started learning all these steps on how to take care of myself. How to take care of myself I have never been taught. “

Part of taking care of yourself includes meditation, self-care products, and the “Full Moon Ritual for Women Only.”

“Writing a song probably saved my life,” she said. She says, “I write a diary, write poetry, read other people’s stories, and get inspired. Exercise. A healthy diet. Cooking is like meditation.”

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That “spiritual toolbox” is what you reach when you feel that pink is “lost.”

“I write to all of you, keep a diary, talk to someone, start building your own spiritual toolbox, and have people around you who remind you that you have it under your bed. I recommend putting it down, “she concludes.

“I tell you from being a 7, 8, 13, 23, 31, and now 42 year old woman who is very, very afraid, it gets better and there are beautiful moments waiting for you, And there are beautiful people waiting, I love you, and one of them is yourself. “

Pink reminds me of “a pretty terrible panic attack”: “it gets better”

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