Petition to drop Amber Heard from “Aquaman 2” hits record high

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A fan-led petition aimed at convincing Warner Bros. to abandon Amber Heard from the next match Aquaman The sequel has reached a record high.

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As of Wednesday morning, the petition received 4.43 million signatures. This is shy to Jeanne Larson, a 4.5 million goal fan set when first launched in 2020.

In her original post, Larson called Hard a “domestic abuser” and urged Warner Bros. to remove the actress from the project.

“Since Haad divorced Johnny Depp, she has repeatedly reported fake cases of systematic abuse of Johnny Depp, crucified to ruin Depp in Hollywood, but lied. , Created a false explanation that he was an abuser, “Larson claimed in her bitter petition.

She goes on to say, “I’m talking about a forged case where Johnny Depp hit her face when Johnny Depp actually hit him.”

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The former couple are fighting in a court in Virginia. Depp is suing a former couple after writing a 2018 editorial. Washington post, She called herself a survivor of domestic violence. Depp, seeking $ 50 million, claimed that this article hurt his career and led to the loss of a series of projects, including his sixth. Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

Her article claims to be free-speech and protected, counterclaims Depp for $ 100 million, and when former actor lawyer Adam Waldman called her claim a “hoax of abuse.” He accused him of ruining his career.

During her testimony last month, Hard claimed that the studio was looking to cut her next year. Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom And she testified that she had to fight to stay in the movie.

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I heard she will appear in the sequel as Queen Mela in a “very simplified” role. She said, “I was given a script and was given a new version of the script that stripped away the actions between my character and another character … they basically (reduced) my role. “

She also claimed that she was “released” from her contract. “I fought to stay there, and they kept me there. In fact, I don’t know how much I’m in the final cut.”

Amber Heard as Mela of
Amber Heard as Mela of “Aquaman”. Photo by Warner Bros.

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However, DC Films president Walter Hamada told the jury that she was almost frustrated because of the lack of compatibility with the movie’s protagonist Jason Momoa.

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“They didn’t really have much chemistry together,” Hamada said. “In reality, it’s not uncommon for two leads to have no chemistry in a movie. Combining two performances is a kind of movie magic, depending on the magic of great scores and how they are combined. You can create that chemistry, so after all, when you watch a movie, they seem to have a great match, but in the process of post-production, it takes a lot of time to get there. I know it took. “

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Hardman argues that Waldman’s remarks affected the rewards of the sequel and hurt her career, and her legal team compared her future acting prospects, especially those of Gal Gadot and Zendaya. Did.

However, Hamada is in court, and hardware is Aquaman And Warner saw the film as a “buddy film” between Momoa’s prestigious hero and his brother, King Ohm (Patrick Wilson).

Due to the company’s policy of retaining its talent in pre-negotiated contracts, Heard also did not get a sequel salary increase.

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Entertainment industry consultant Catherine Arnold has revealed that Momoa and film director James Wan have lobbied for her, allowing Hard to eventually stay in the sequel.

According to movie journalist Grace Randolph, Hard has a screen time of about 10 minutes in the sequel, and Arnold further reveals that Mela appears briefly at the beginning and end. Aquaman 2..

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After hearing stupid testimony for more than six weeks revealing the private life of one of Hollywood’s biggest star couples, seven juries are currently discussing the verdict.

About four hours after Tuesday, the group asked Judge Penney Azcarate whether to consider the entire article or just the headlines. The headline said Haad “against sexual violence and faced the wrath of our culture.”


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Petition to drop Amber Heard from “Aquaman 2” hits record high

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