Perfect Save the Dates

The wedding season is upon us. If you haven’t started thinking about your wedding invitations yet, now is the time to start. Whether you want to send out save the dates or postcards, you’ll need to get creative.

Save the dates are a great way to announce your upcoming nuptials without having to spend too much money. They also give guests a chance to RSVP before the big day. If you don’t have any DIY ideas, then you can check these perfect save the dates. They can easily be found at

Contemporary frame save the date magnets

These save the dates look like they came from a magazine and will make your guests feel special. You can find them online for $12-$15 each. They are available in different colors and sizes.

Wedding invitation with a photo of the couple on it

This idea is simple but elegant. It’s a good option if you’re not sure what kind of save the dates you’d like to use. Simply take a picture of yourself together when you first got engaged. Then print that image onto an 8×10-inch card stock paper and cut around the edges. Use a black pen to write “save the date” across the top.

Simply save it – save the date

If you’re looking for something really simple and inexpensive, this is a great choice. All you need is a piece of scrapbook paper (or even construction paper) and some scissors. Write your wedding date down on the front of the paper and fold over the edge. Now you’ve got a beautiful save the date!

Paper lantern save the date cards

You can create these prettycheap magnet save the dates by using paper lanterns as frames. Cut the tops off of the lanterns and glue them back together so they form a circle. Glue the lanterns together in pairs and place them on a white background. Add a small heart sticker to one side of the lanterns to add some color.

Tux and gown – save the date

Another cute idea is to use a tuxedo and gown set as your save the date. Just cut out the pieces of the gown and tuxedo and glue them together. This would be a fun idea for a destination wedding where you may not know exactly what you’ll wear.

Sewn together save the dates

Cutting fabric into strips and sewing them together is another easy way to make save the dates. This is a great way to save money because you won’t have to buy expensive materials. You can use scraps of fabric or even old clothes.

Vintage florals foil save the date magnets

Use vintage floral prints as inspiration for your save the dates. Print the images on heavy weight paper and then cover with foil. There are countless ways these can remind your guest of your wedding date. Place them in a frame and voila!

In conclusion, there are many ways to create save the dates. Whatever you decide to do, just remember to keep it simple.

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