Peninsula Canada is expanding its services to help small businesses, The Canadian Business Journal

Toronto, April 4, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Toronto, Ontario, Release: April 4, 2022 – Canada PeninsulaReliable Personnel and Health and Safety Advisory Announces Expansion of Services Manitoba When Saskatchewan..We have helped 4,500 SMEs of Alberta, British ColumbiaWhen Ontario Grow and succeed for over 4 years. As such, we are pleased to be able to serve employers in the two new states.

But that’s not all. The peninsula is expected to expand nationwide by the end of 2022. Having a strong belief in small businesses, we want to pay attention to the details to give employers the room they need to focus on the big picture.

“As a leader in Canadian SMEs in terms of personnel and health and safety, our expansion is essential to providing support to existing clients who need to help manage a diverse workforce. Many are staffed. Needed to move to a remote or hybrid model, we were there to empower them and make this change as easy as possible. With this expansion, domestic partners have more direct support. Will be able to serve employees in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitova, Ontario, and Saskatchewan. With the end of the pandemic, the business shifts to a growth model. As we are there to help them scale and succeed. This is just the beginning. We are always looking forward to the future and will be in Canada later this year. We are planning to enter other states, “said Tony Rossati, CEO of the Canadian Peninsula.

The peninsula stands out from the competition with over 35 years of experience and expertise in personnel and health and safety. Our company 24/7 advice line Allows clients to seek immediate advice as needed or to seek advice during off-hours. This means they can rely on us and guarantee that reliable help is always available.

The peninsula In-house human resources department For small businesses, advise your employer on how to best manage your team and deal with any employment issues that arise. Whether you’re in the retail, childcare or food service industry, Peninsula’s qualified professionals can help you.

It offers six major services.

  1. Personnel and employment relationships – We have a team of advisor experts who are ready to provide advice and address potential employee issues.
  2. Health and safety – We understand the various rules and regulations surrounding health and safety. That’s why our team provides 24/7 technical support for every aspect of health and safety.
  3. documentation – Review processes and use custom-built virtual tools to identify specific gaps and solutions. Experienced consultants will understand each business and prepare the necessary documents such as employment contracts and employee handbooks.
  4. Online HR software – BrightHR is a unique online software that supports the Peninsula service. This award-winning HR system securely stores all employee records in the cloud, manages staff absences and vacations, and provides a one-stop hub for tracking working hours and locations, expenses and payroll. Offers.
  5. Online health and safety software – BrightSafe is online health and safety management software to keep your workplace, staff, and customers safe. It provides everything you need to protect your business from risk assessments, automated notifications, and e-learning.
  6. Peninsula Protect, Our Services Promise – Peninsula Protect supports and defends clients when relevant employment or health and safety claims are made to them.

Client voice:

“I was used to documenting HR and doing HR myself, so I knew there was a peninsula, so there was a bonus. How much do I need until this safety net is in place? I didn’t know, “says Manue Remiji, Property Management Director for North 44 Properties.

Maria de Santis, Human Resources Manager at the Canadian Tire Store, said: “When we first signed on, the owner [Harold Robbins] I even talked to some other dealers at their meeting.He told them it [Peninsula] They should have investigated, “she says. Maria says she enjoys using the 24-hour employer advice line. “When I called and talked to them about the problem, it was great that people told me how to handle it,” she says. “The advice line is great.”

Peter Dawn, Managing Director and Founder of The Peninsula Group, said: Over the last two years, the need for our support has increased significantly. We are committed to providing the best service to our companies. It drives us, makes the peninsula successful, expands, and continues to take on new challenges. ”

If you have any details or questions, please contact Tony Rosati. If you let us know, we will be happy to support you.


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Peninsula Canada is expanding its services to help small businesses, The Canadian Business Journal

Source link Peninsula Canada is expanding its services to help small businesses, The Canadian Business Journal

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