Paul Walter Hauser plays suspected serial killer in “Blackbird”

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Paul Walter Hauser, best known for playing the title role of Clint Eastwood’s fact-based drama “Richard Jewell,” will soon appear in a new role.

Talk to Entertainment WeeklyHauser talked about preparing to portray a suspected serial killer rally hole on the Apple TV + series “Blackbird.”

Hauser shed 40 pounds for that role, and his transformation into a hall is dramatic.

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“Inspired by real-life events, he is given a lifelong choice when high school football hero and decorated police son Jimmy Keane (Talon Egerton) is sentenced to 10 years in the lowest security prison. — Enter the biggest security prison for criminals Stay in crazy and friend suspected serial murderer Larry Hall (Paul Walter Hauser), or where he is, without the possibility of parole I’ll provide the full text “and read the overview of the series. “Kean quickly realized that his only solution was to elicit a confession and find out where the bodies of some young girls were buried before Hall’s complaint was over, but. Is this murderer telling the truth, or is it just another story from a series of liars? This dramatic and fascinating story is exactly what was placed behind the bar to solve the mystery. Overturn the crime genre by seeking the help of those people. “

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“Honestly, if it’s a story of a terrible serial killer, I don’t even know if I’ve signed on,” Hauser admitted. “The world is in such a place, so the older you get, the less interested you are in seeing real crime.”

In fact, he added that it was his relationship with the Egerton character that really sold him on the project.

“I think what we were doing here was talking about relationships. It’s really a secret kind of crime story,” he said. “So we don’t go into ooey-gooey,’I’ll show you cruel details’ stuff. It’s a really psychological drama, it’s like I see as often as possible is.”

“Black Bird” will premiere on July 8th.

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Paul Walter Hauser plays suspected serial killer in “Blackbird”

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