PartnerRe announces full-year figures for fourth quarter


Net income available to ordinary shareholders

Operating profit / (loss)

Fourth quarter of 2021

US $ 362 million

US $ 300 million

Fourth quarter of 2020

US $ 204 million

US $ 19 million


US $ 679 million

US $ 545 million


US $ 206 million

US $ (190 million)

Jacques Bonneau, President and Chief Executive Officer of PartnerRe, said: It also benefited from improved economic activity in the casualties and profession line, as well as in other business lines.

“Our non-life insurance ratio improved by 15.5 points to 90.5% due to our continued focus on portfolio optimization. We established a successful January 1, 2022 renewal. We built on the momentum we had to provide solutions to our business partners while maintaining the strength and stability of our platform. “

PartnerRe’s non-life insurance underwriting gains increased from US $ 21 million to US $ 313 million in the fourth quarter, but from the full-year non-life insurance underwriting loss of US $ 304 million in 2020-last year’s life Underwriting income is equivalent to US $ 507 million.

Under Life and Health, PartnerRe’s allotted underwriting results reached a profit of US $ 32 million in the fourth quarter. The corresponding profit in 2021 was US $ 97 million. Both numbers are higher than the 2020 numbers.

“Our approach is supported by third-party capital and maintains discipline. We will increase our exposure on the lines supported by rates,” commented Bonneau. “We look forward to a year ahead and look forward to further increasing the value we offer to all our clients, capital partners and shareholders.”

Meanwhile, the company’s sale is expected to be completed by the middle of this year.

PartnerRe announces full-year figures for fourth quarter

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