Parkland Shooting Trial: Prosecutor Launches Rebuttal, Claims Shooter Was Aware of Behavior – National

In the criminal trial of Nicholas Cruz, who was involved in the Florida school shooting, prosecutors launched a lawsuit on Tuesday to accuse him of murdering 17 people because his birth mother abused alcohol while pregnant. I objected to the lawyer’s allegations.

Prosecutor Mike Sutz’s team plans to call experts to testify that Cruz has antisocial personality disorder.

According to the National Institutes of Health, people with antisocial personality disorder commit “exploitative, delinquent, and criminal behavior without remorse.” According to the NIH, they typically have no respect for others, do not obey the law, fail to maintain consistent relationships or employment, and use manipulation for personal gain.

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Lawyer in Parkland school shooting abruptly suspends trial, angering judge

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Miami defense attorney and former prosecutor David S. Weinstein said prosecutors should “understand exactly” what Cruise was doing during the massacre and “plan and execute.” I would like to emphasize again that we were able to

Nova Southeastern University law school professor Robert Jarvis says that even if Cruz’s brain was damaged by his birth mother’s drinking, that’s true of thousands of other Americans, who are more likely to commit mass murder. He said it was highly likely that prosecution experts would testify that he had not committed a crime.

“If so, we will be carrying out genocide on an unprecedented scale,” he said.

Cruz, who turned 24 on Saturday, pleaded guilty to the murder of 14 Stoneman Douglas students and three employees last October. A seven-male, five-female jury will decide whether he should be sentenced to death or life without parole, given the aggravating factors presented by the prosecutor to the defense’s mitigating circumstances. The jury may also vote for life out of mercy for Cruz. For a former Stoneman Douglas student to be sentenced to death, the jury must unanimously agree.

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Nikolas Cruz trial: Judge slams defense team after lawyer suddenly takes a break from litigation

Nikolas Cruz Trial: Judge slams defense team after lawyer suddenly takes a break from litigation – Sept. 14, 2022

The Satz team told circuit judge Elizabeth Scherrer that the presentation could take up to two weeks, but Jarvis and Weinstein said that was too much for a jury that began hearing evidence in July. I’m wondering

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Jurors may be enthusiastic about deliberations, so Mr. Satz should focus and narrow down his counterarguments, they said.

“Don’t be greedy,” Weinstein said.

Jarvis said lawyers too often think that simply adding more witnesses or evidence will make their case stronger. But because a trial like Cruz’s decides not whether he’s guilty, but what sentence he deserves, Jarvis believes that rebuttals let each juror know his vote. Reconsideration will not take place until deliberation has taken place.

“Long rebuttals lead jurors to think, ‘Maybe the defense really got a point I didn’t realize,'” Jarvis said.

Satz kept the main case simple, describing Cruz’s eight-month plan, stalking the halls of a three-story classroom building for seven minutes, firing 140 rounds with an AR-15-style semi-automatic rifle, and focused on his escape.

He played a security video of the shooting and showed the gruesome crime scene and autopsy photos. Teachers and students testified about seeing others die. He took the jury to the fenced building, where his parents and spouse made tearful and angry statements about their loss.

Cruise’s attorneys never questioned the scare he inflicted, but focused on their belief that his birth mother’s heavy drinking during pregnancy resulted in him having a fetal alcohol spectrum disorder. Their specialists said his bizarre, awkward, and sometimes violent behavior began around the age of two, was misdiagnosed as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and was not properly treated. rice field. It left his widowed adoptive mother overwhelmed, they said.

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The defense cut their case short by calling only about 25 of the 80 witnesses they said they would testify against. I didn’t call my brother Zachary.

It limits what the prosecution can raise in rebuttal—the evidence or testimony must have some bearing on what the defense has presented.

Prosecutors plan to show Cruz the racist slurs he wrote in his backpack and online, as well as the gun he used and the swastika painted on the boots he wore. There is no allegation that he was motivated, but prosecutors argue that the words and Nazi symbols indicate that he lacked respect for others.

Judge Scherrer dismissed an attempt by Cruz’s legal team to block the presentation of the swastika. His attorneys also complained that despite the pretrial motions they filed, Scherer did not find them admissible until after the jury selection. Candidate panelists could not be asked whether their decision would influence their verdict.

Jarvis and Weinstein said prosecutors need to be careful about what rebuttals they present. If it goes too far, the appellate court risks overturning the death sentence, necessitating a retrial.

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“As prosecutors, in every trial, there comes a time when the longer you stay there, the more you hurt yourself,” Jarvis said. “Have we reached that point in this ordeal? i think i have

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Parkland Shooting Trial: Prosecutor Launches Rebuttal, Claims Shooter Was Aware of Behavior – National

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