Pandemic Still Affecting Canadian Children: Report

More than half of Canadian parents say their children are still experiencing the “negative effects” of the pandemic, more than two years after COVID-19 disrupted life around the world.

According to LifeWorks’ monthly mental health index released Wednesday, 56% of parents are noticing their child’s mental health and development are declining.

“When it comes to the turmoil and isolation of the pandemic, the mental health of children has been greatly impacted. Not surprisingly, this has had a huge impact on parents and families as a result,” said Lifeworks President and CEO. CEO Steven Riptrap said in a release.

It was reported that 27% of parents noted that their children were feeling insecure about their future, 24% noted poor social development, and 23% reported poor academic development.

Only 39% of Canadian parents reported no significant impact on their children after the pandemic. This group also had the “best mental health,” ranking his mental health score seven points higher than the national average of 65.

The report found that anxiety levels in children over the age of 15 are higher than the national average in Canada, with children aged 10 to 14 having the worst impact on their mental health.

Effects on social development are more universal, according to the report, with parents of children ages 2 to 18 all reporting adverse effects.

A similar proportion of children between the ages of 6 and 18 have adverse effects on their academic development, according to the report.

“When organizations consider the health support offered to their employees, it is important to focus on parental needs and employee and family support programs,” Liptrap said.

“These resources are essential to ensuring that our employees and their families thrive and benefit their families, employers and society at large.”

Other findings

The report also explored the impact of the pandemic on Canadians’ purchasing and investment decisions, finding that how a company or brand treats its employees is more important than how a company treats the environment. I found what I was thinking.

33% of Canadians are affected by how companies treat their employees, as opposed to 13% who are affected by how companies behave towards the environment is.

“Organizations are rightfully concerned about their impact on the environment, but many underestimate how important the impact on their employees is to their customers and investors,” said LifeWorks global leader. Paula Allen, Senior Vice President, Research and Total Wellbeing, said. on release.

“The links between organizational support for employee benefits and organizational productivity, innovation and customer service are very clear, as are the links to consumer purchasing and investment preferences. It’s happening.”

LifeWorks’ Overall Mental Health Index for July 2022 improved by almost one point from the previous month, from 64.1 out of 100 to 65 points. LifeWorks also reports improvements across all mental health subscores since June.

Subscores against the pre-pandemic benchmark included financial risk, psychological health, isolation, work productivity, anxiety, depression, and optimism.

Mental health scores declined in British Columbia, Alberta and Maritimes, while all other provinces improved, according to the report. Quebec showed the best improvement.

LifeWorks’ latest monthly index is based on an online survey in English and French with 3,000 responses collected between July 7-13, 2022. According to the index, all respondents resided in Canada and were either currently employed or employed within the last six months.

The human resources firm, formerly known as Morneau Shepell, says individual responses are converted into a point value using an answer scoring system to generate a mental health index. Better mental health and lower mental health risk are associated with higher point values.

Pandemic Still Affecting Canadian Children: Report

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