Owners of popular Carlton Place Pizzeria aim to rebuild after fire

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The owner of the popular Carlton Place Pizzeria, which burned down over the weekend, is already looking for a new location for his restaurant in hopes of rebuilding the family business.

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A GoFundMe page was also set up to help Spartan Pizza owner Moe Daroiche reopen a restaurant that has been part of the Carleton Place landscape for the past 14 years.

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“I want to reopen as soon as possible. This business is my life,” said Daroish. “The situation is very stressful.”

The restaurant was destroyed on Sunday in a fire under investigation.The Carlton Place Fire Department said the fire was not considered inherently suspicious.

Daroiche said bystanders said the building was struck by lightning during Saturday’s thunderstorm.

“There was no fire in the store, so it makes sense,” he said. “The fire started outside the building.”

Daroiche said he got a call on his cell phone while delivering pizza on Saturday and that the building was on fire. He rushed back to the scene and found smoke billowing from the top of the 1.5-story building.

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“I looked outside the building and saw the walls were on fire,” he said.

Daroiche turned off the gas oven and sent a text message to the tenants in the apartment building on the top floor of the building to warn them of the danger. When she got no answer, the woman was deafened and she ran upstairs, kicked down the door, and took her downstairs with the cat.

By the time firefighters arrived, the building had been completely engulfed and could not be saved. Daroiche did not own the building, but rented the space for his restaurant.

Curiously, his daughter received a phone call the day after the fire, in which someone claimed responsibility for the fire, made racist comments, and threatened to burn down the family’s home.

The family reported the call to the police, but Daloish said he now considered it a nuisance call and not a serious threat. Daloiche said. “I have no enemies.”

OPP Kostjoe Tereschuk said the crime unit of the Lanark County detachment was investigating the threat posed after the fire. He said no further information about the investigation has been released at this time. .

Owners of popular Carlton Place Pizzeria aim to rebuild after fire

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