Owen Power is a prime target for Canadian officials

The Name Owen Power may upset a few people, especially Sabres fans. After he was the overall No. 1 draft pick back in July, he decided to skip the NHL and go back to school. He was the first person in around 15 years to do this and while this sounds amicable, the decision was likely still hockey orientated. His school, the University of Michigan was pushed out of the NCAA Tournament the previous year due to covid so no doubt he wanted another shot.

Power has had an amazing season at Michigan and it is said, he will likely be the top player of the year for college Hockey. This would see him win the Hobey Baker Award and it would be well deserved. Alongside his college career, Power’s was all set to play for Canada in the World Juniors and did play a couple of games before it was sadly canceled due to Covid!

While the cancellation of the World Juniors is a shame, Power’s still has plenty to look forward to. He can still look forward to the NCAA championship and now it seems he may also look to play for the Canadian National Team at the Olympics. Yes, it seems the NHL has pulled all of its players out of the Olympics due to Covid. This makes youngsters like Power a prime target for Canadian officials who are still looking to put a team together for the 2022 Winter Olympics!

Hockey Canada Interested In Power?

Hockey Canada has already released a statement based on not being able to use the best player from the NHL they would have had available. “Hockey Canada recognizes the amount of deliberation and consideration the NHL and NHLPA put into the decision to not participate in the 2022 Olympics in Beijing, and we understand and support that decision given the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Place Your Bets!

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 Just imagine if Owen Power had actually joined the Sabres, what would the NHL look like at current? While it is hard to say I would put money on the fact that those odds above would at least be a bit different! It’s hard to believe one player can have that much of an impact in the league but Power is the type of player to make it happen!

Not only would Power of had an impact in the NHL, that also would have meant that the Canadian team wouldn’t have been able to approach him for the Olympics. While no one could have known this, it is still interesting to think about the difference one player could have made across the whole hockey world. From the NHL to the Olympics and the NCAA, Power is and will be a force to be reckoned with.

When it comes to Power and the Olympics, it seems like the Canadian team has the most to gain, while the Sabres could have the most to lose. While Power hasn’t signed a contract with the Sabres, they can’t stop him but understandably, they would probably rather he stay home, like the rest of their team. The Sabres are likely still looking forward to signing him in a couple of months times and an Olympic appearance could prolong things.

What The Sabres Have To Say

Sabres General Manager Kevyn Adams did have a few words to say about the whole situation. “There’s so much to think about when it comes to the development of a hockey player. And now you throw Covid on top of it and all the travel and where do players get disrupted if that was the case, I think there’s a lot of unknowns right now with the Olympics and how that’s all gonna shake out but I definitely would be involved in the conversation – in a positive way. As a player, any time you’re being talked about to get an experience like that, I think it can be an amazing thing for you in your career.”

What The Future Holds?

It will be interesting to see how it all plays out in the end. Will Power’s go to the Olympics in China? Will the Sabres wait for him to come back Covid free? There are so many unknowns and, unfortunately, a lot of it is Covids fault! One thing that it does seem like we can count on is the fact that the Canadian Officials are definitely looking to add Power’s to their Olympic roster ever since the NHL announced it would not be allowing players to go to China to compete.

If and more likely, when Power makes his appearance in the Olympics, you can expect the whole hockey world to be watching to see just what he is capable of! While he has been a force to be reckoned with in the Worlds Juniors and NCAA, it is time for him to play with the big boys! Will he be able to keep up with the likes of world-class pros? If I was a betting man, I would put money on the fact that he will be able to hold his own, but only time will really tell if he can do it or not!


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