‘Outsider’ Candidate Anjali Apadurai Sees Opportunity to Change BC NDP

Anjali Appadurai may be seen as an ‘outsider’ candidate, but that doesn’t stop the longtime climate activist from going all out to become the next leader of the BC NDP.

Appadurai initially ran for the 2021 federal election, and despite a failed campaign, environmentalists are applying what they have learned to stay competitive in the leadership race.

As part of more than a decade of work in advocating for climate and social justice, Apadurai, along with its international counterparts, will work with B.C. grassroots organizations to provide feedback and influence the United Nations climate change process. cooperated.

“I think the field is changing when it comes to how grassroots movements engage with different power systems, so I always thought it was best to keep myself outside the electoral system. ” she explained in an interview.

But over time, Apadurai discovered the power of using social movements to create meaningful change.

Appadurai admits he didn’t initially think about running for leadership, especially in the aftermath of a hotly contested federal election campaign. But she soon realized that this election was a “once-in-a-generation opportunity” to transform the New Democratic Party. She couldn’t pass up this opportunity.

One of her goals is to [neoliberalism] And to talk about a hopeful vision of how governance can change. “

Reflecting on the first presidential election, Apadurai noted that he learned a lot about how political culture works, “focusing on its own continuity and its own power.” That’s what she wants to change.

“My role as an opposition candidate is to open the door for community voices and grassroots voices to be picked up on this platform and ultimately lifted into the halls of power,” she said. I was. “We currently have a short-sighted political culture that loses sight of people’s lives, their stakes in the future, and the well-being of people and the planet.”

Create a space where everyone can contribute the best gift to society

If Apadurai becomes the leader of the BC NDP and Prime Minister, her approach to legislation will be markedly different from John Hogan, who she wants to be in.

“This government has lost sight of its basic task of protecting people and the planet from global economic shocks, environmental harm and private gain,” she said.

Instead, Apadurai wants to keep the spirit of the grassroots community alive through collaborative processes in a way that “manifests our policy-making process.”

The bottom line, she added, is to legislate room for all to give society their best gifts.

“Then the whole is more than the sum of its parts,” she said.

Part of that effort begins with building a campaign team that reflects the world Apadurai wants to live in.

“This is about reprioritizing the economy as a whole” – Appadurai

Apadurai believes her long experience in climate change advocacy is why the “founding the party” has pigeonholed her as a candidate for one issue. But part of her campaign, she says, is to build public awareness and understanding that climate change represents an overarching framework that requires consideration in any legislation.

“It’s a set of limitations that have to make trade-offs that put humanity above the planet,” she explained. “This is a set of ecological limits, a set of political limits. It is a set of economic limits.

Apadurai points out that society can only extract relentlessly from the earth for a long time before the neoliberal capitalist model collapses, and that Canadians are already experiencing these influences in the form of widespread polarization and inequality. I believe you are witnessing

Seeing recent extreme weather events, including the devastating 2021 Lytton Heat Dome and ensuing wildfires, Apadurai believes it’s time to go into emergency mode when it comes to addressing the climate crisis.

“It’s not just about stopping climate change, it’s about reprioritizing the entire economy,” she said.

Apadurai pointed out that while there is a lot of “overt hatred and vitriol” as a woman of color seeking office, there are even worse barriers.

“What is even more insidious is the subtle paternalism that undermines the real power and the real solutions that we bring to the table,” she explains, noting what is considered viable or electable. He added that he needs to be ten times more organized and more professional to be successful. candidate. “I have to present myself visually and aesthetically in a way that my male counterparts don’t want, and I have to answer the subtext that my family isn’t from here.” You must also always position yourself as the one with the only home, BC.”

‘Outsider’ Candidate Anjali Apadurai Sees Opportunity to Change BC NDP

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