“Outlander” Season 6 ends with a tense Cliffhanger — what’s coming in “Super Size” Season 7?

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Spoiler warning! “Don’t read on unless you’ve seen the season 6 finale.Outlander “, “I’m not alone”. The main spoilers ahead!

The shortened Season 6 of the Outlander bowed on Sunday night as the Clan Fraser faced yet another dangerous threat to their lives. This time, appearing in the form of Richard Brown and his committee, he aimed to arrest Claire (Caitriona Balfe), demanding the justice of Malva, who was killed in the attack on Fraser’s Ridge. ..

After a tense confrontation, Claire and Jamie (Sam Heughan) finally agree that Claire will go to a nearby town with the Commission to stand on trial. , She vows to help keep Claire safe, even though it was his own daughter who was charged with the murder. (Perhaps a hint that he knows more than he allows?)

The journey becomes even more disastrous when Richard Brown (Chris Larkin) decides to change course to find a judge — the opinions of Claire and Jamie in the town of people hurt by Brown’s lies. Plan a long route through to Wilmington — and even worse, even when Claire and Jamie are apart. Thankfully, Young Ian (John Bell) arrived just in time to help free Jamie from planning to send Jamie back to Scotland, and Claire’s fate is still in balance, so the season is probably Wilmington’s. It ends in the direction.

The sixth season of the Outlander had to pack a lot of drama into the run of the shortened eight episodes, partly due to COVID-19 filming restrictions and Barfe’s actual pregnancy. And producers tell fans that their “super-large” Season 7 has more dramas and some major resolutions.

“There were absolutely a lot of challenges with the COVID protocol this season and obviously kept everyone safe, but they added another level of challenge to your everyday work environment,” Huang said in Season 6. Prior to the premiere, I recalled ET’s Wilmal Huggi. “Also, Kaitriona was pregnant … just five or six months towards the end when we were doing everything. And it was in the middle of the Scottish winter. We. Usually don’t shoot those months. It was hard. But we now have a very nice crew and are casting, so I think everyone is tinkering with it. . “

“The light and weather challenges have hit us hard,” added producer Matthew Roberts with a modified shooting schedule for the show. “It worked because our cast and crew accepted it and took just beautiful and beautiful shots when it snowed. And with Kaitriona’s pregnancy, we had to reschedule the show. … Condensed Season 6 and incorporated all the excellent materials into it. And we offer you a super-sized Season 7. This is itself because we have already written Season 7. I will present the challenges of. “

Ultimately, the imminent American Revolutionary War could be a factor in Claire’s fate, as colonial insecurity becomes apparent farther away from Fraser’s Ridge. But Claire knows the consequences of the war, but it “is not so clear, all the really important steps leading up to it, and will be much more useful to them,” Balkh said. I did.

“I think it’s a really tough position to have them,” the actress added. “I think Jamie bears the heavy burden of having to decide where his loyalty is. At some point, they have to oppose it. It’s always because I know it won’t be. Crown. But at the moment, the crown is the ruler of the law, you need to appease them, and you have to be considered loyal to the crown. No, so what they’re trying to do is really a delicate balance. “

Season 6 of the Outlander is now available for streaming on Starz. See more in the video below!

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“Outlander” Season 6 ends with a tense Cliffhanger — what’s coming in “Super Size” Season 7?

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