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The original deck of this house in Kingston, Ontario was sloppy and had to be replaced because the stairs weren’t in the right place. The homeowner contacted Craft-Bilt dealer Haight’s Carpentry for a quote on an aluminum watertight deck with glass railings and a partially covered roof system.Realization of benefits
The homeowner decides to work with a dealer who is also a contractor and work with Haight’s Carpentry to oversee a three-step project.

After designing the project, planning the building department, and securing the necessary building permits, the first stage of the project was to dismantle the deck. A new sauna tube was dug, a new deck was assembled, and stairs were moved. The Craft-Bilt Desert Sand’s watertight aluminum deck was installed 20 feet long to fit the treads of the stairs. The deck was finished with a glass railing system with Craft-Bilt’s unique hidden fasteners. Desert sand rafters with a northlander skyview structural polycarbonate roof in bronze shades to create shade on the upper deck.

Stage 2

This spring, the second phase of the project was on the agenda. This included turning the space under the deck into an outdoor room that provided a closed space for homeowners to use in any weather. The waterproof aluminum deck above made this possible without the worry of water dripping from the deck to the patio below. We completed this space with a Bronze-colored vinyl cladding and a Craft-Bilt 4 stacking window system with aluminum-matched stanchions, rims, joists and beams.

The current deck is absolutely gorgeous, but this fall, Stage 3 will create a second closed space on the upper deck.The roof has been extended to completely cover the deck, with the upper glass and railings
Transparent glass slide wall system. This increases flexibility as both the upper and lower areas provide complete shade with protection from bad weather and insects.

This beautiful upper deck and roof were already in place, but homeowners wanted to turn this area into a flexible room with full access to the lower deck and pool area. Craft-Bilt’s black aluminum 4-stacking window system with trapezoidal vinyl panes and accordion folding doors provided the perfect solution. The room minimizes obstruction to the gorgeous views overlooking the Bay of Quinte in Carrying Place, Ontario. The accordion door can be easily pushed to the side for a clear view of the backyard. When closed, this space provides an outdoor living space that can be used for rain and shine, and is protected from elements and annoying insects.

A project built by Haight’s Carpentry http://www.haightscarpentry.comCraft built,

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Outdoor Living-Home Trend Magazine

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