Ottawa seeks meeting with Chinese ambassador over suspected secret police – National

An official at Global Affairs Canada said the agency has repeatedly called out the Chinese ambassador over allegations that the secret police are targeting the country’s diaspora in Canada.

Human rights groups have reported that China operates covert overseas police stations in more than 50 locations around the world to monitor its citizens overseas.

There are three such locations in Toronto, according to Spain-based group Safeguard Defenders, but the Chinese Embassy in Canada described them as volunteer-run service stations that process things like driver’s licenses. I’m here.

The RCMP said in early November it was investigating the matter, and officials told the MP in early October they were aware of the allegations.

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The RCMP is investigating a Chinese “police” station in Canada.Here’s what you need to know

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On Tuesday, a senior foreign affairs official said his department had called Chinese Ambassador Cong Peiu several times in recent weeks about the matter.

Opposition parties say Ottawa should have communicated the information more openly.

“We have several contracts in place.

He provided that confirmation while speaking to lawmakers on the House Committee on Relations with China.

“The Canadian government formally insisted that the Chinese government, including the ambassador and its embassy, ​​consider all activities within Canada that are outside the scope of the Vienna Convention and have them suspended and terminated.” said Epp.

Click to play video: 'RCMP to investigate possible foreign interference in Canada's democratic process'

RCMP to investigate possible foreign interference in Canada’s democratic process

He was referring to United Nations rules that grant diplomatic immunity to mission officials who agree not to interfere in domestic affairs.

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This includes only providing administrative services at embassies and consulates, provided by those duly authorized to do so.

Epp was answering questions from the MP about what steps the GAC had taken since it last attended the committee on October 4.

“The alleged activities are completely illegal, completely inappropriate and will be subject to very serious representations and diplomatic follow-up,” he told parliamentarians at the time.

Epp said on Tuesday he could not say whether his colleagues are reviewing the credentials Canada has given Chinese diplomats.

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On Wednesday, a Conservative MP said Global Affairs should have let the public know it had called an ambassador.

Alberta MP Lyra Goodridge said: “We need more transparency and transparency in the federal government, and we need the leadership of the Prime Minister.

“Canadians should not wait for information to come in slowly, but only when absolutely pressured by this commission,” she said.

Liberal Rep. Jean Yip asked her last week about reports of alleged police stations, including one where one voter was riding, but no one commented on personal experiences with the agency. He said he did not speak to her office.

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said last month that he had directly raised the issue of interference with Chinese President Xi Jinping at the G20 summit in Indonesia, but President Xi Jinping has since informed the media of their conversations, which he said was a truce. accused the

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Ottawa seeks meeting with Chinese ambassador over suspected secret police – National

Source link Ottawa seeks meeting with Chinese ambassador over suspected secret police – National

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