Ottawa Mayoral Candidate Mark Sutcliffe Announces Environmental Plan

Catherine McKechnie and Bob Chiarelli, the other highest-profile contenders in the 13-man race, say they will soon claim their own climate-related stances.

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If he is elected mayor, Mark Sutcliffe says Ottawa will have more places to charge electric cars and e-bikes, plant one million trees by the end of his term, and turn technology-based waste into energy. He said he expects a solution that converts to . A new landfill or expansion of an existing landfill.

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The mayoral candidate’s environmental platform includes 26 more pledges, and Sutcliffe said ahead of Wednesday’s release that the main principle behind them is “Stop talking about climate change and start doing something about it. ‘ said.

“People I talk to in the community are tired of all the talk about climate change and want to see leadership and leadership that leads to results.”

This is the first in a series of problem-based platform releases from broadcaster and entrepreneur Sutcliffe, who ran for mayor in late June. Ultimately, he said, the full platform will be complete, along with the associated financial and tax plans.

Sutcliffe said that conversations with Hydro Ottawa yielded a lot of promise and that the goals are achievable. On a cost-recovery basis he will install charging stations for 200 electric vehicles and he will install 100 electric bicycles and convert them into city buildings.

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Some of the promises are related to greening the bureaucracy, such as moving to Ottawa.of gas-powered vehicles to be fully electric or hybrid by 2030 to build new city buildings to net zero standards, Feasibility The introduction of local heating and cooling into city halls and district courts, along with other levels of government, and one pledge that will begin as soon as he takes office: Stop buying single-use plastic.

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Sutcliffe acknowledged the plan to plant one million trees (250,000 per year over the period) as a “very ambitious goal” but said it was necessary. rice field. “We have to be bold and ambitious because we want cleaner, greener cities and that is what people expect.”

As to how it is done, he says: We need a lot of cooperation. Attract the best people from across the community. There are several organizations doing some work in this area, and we intend to make it happen. ”

Mayoral candidate Bob Chiarelli.
Mayoral candidate Bob Chiarelli. Photo by ERROL MCGIHON /post media

A hot issue at City Hall is the future of Ottawa’s Trail Road landfill. Solid Waste Master Plan. According to the 2021 staff report, the dump was projected to reach capacity between 2036 and 2038. Sutcliffe said the commitment to “investigate and adopt proven technologies” that ticks the box to convert zero-emission waste to energy instead of building new or expanding landfills is doable. He said he has spoken to experts who believe that It reflected what the community wanted to see – and it’s not just another landfill.

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Candidate running on a clear vision to make cities more affordable and keep taxes as low as possible, S.Utcliffe shared his view that some of his key promises could address climate change and save the city money in the long run. This is a large scale version of the experience people encounter when investing in energy efficient appliances and home heating.

He also argued that all decisions at city hall need to be viewed through a climate lens.

Asked how it would operate, Sutcliffe said, “It starts at the top…that’s why this is an ambitious plan.” “City officials, if I am elected, will know that I was elected on the basis of an aggressive and ambitious plan to address climate change. Now that you’ve voted, you’ll know these are priorities for the people of Ottawa.

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“So it will become clear to senior city officials that there is an expectation that they will have to deal with all of this and that they will have to make decisions in a different way.”

Mayoral Candidate Katherine McKechnie.
Mayoral Candidate Katherine McKechnie. Photo by ERROL MCGIHON /post media

Katherine McKechnie and Bob Chiarelli are the other front-runners in the 13 mayoral candidates, who have said they will argue for their own climate-related stances.

McKenney, who uses the pronouns they/them, said they will have a complete platform in place in the coming weeks, including climate and transportation, but their plans include “More green buildings and homes in our cities, more green space and tree canopy, ending costly urban sprawl, protecting farmland from development, and building climate resilience only. Instead, infrastructure and low emissions that “create a bike-safe, walkable neighborhood” pass throughout Ottawa. ”

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Chiarelli”At the right time, it will become a key player in terms of environment, climate change and transport, but not yet,” said a spokesperson for the campaign.

The people of Ottawa are expected to have the opportunity to hear their mayoral candidates delve into these subjects. Community Association for Environmental Sustainability and Ecology Ottawa. They would have met McKennie, but missed Sutcliffe and Chiarelli at their first meeting on Tuesday night — the former had committed to a previously scheduled event, a campaign spokesperson said — but Sutcliffe is scheduled to attend the debates that follow, while Chiarelli is scheduled to participate in the debates on the August 30 and September 28 events.

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Ottawa Mayoral Candidate Mark Sutcliffe Announces Environmental Plan

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