Ottawa denounces state crackdown on Martha Amini’s death and protests in Iran

Canada’s foreign minister has condemned the death of Martha Amini in Iranian police custody and the subsequent state crackdown on civilian protests.

“Her death was a direct result of Iran’s systematic and continued harassment and repression of women,” Melanie Jolie said in a media statement released on Friday.

Amini, 22, died last week after being arrested by Iran’s morality police for “improperly dressed” for allegedly wearing a hijab improperly. Her death unleashed a flood of nationwide protests against human rights, security and an economy reeling from international sanctions.

WATCH | Iranian protesters take to the streets

Iranian protesters take to the streets

In Iranian cities such as Tehran and Sardasht, throngs of demonstrators rushed through the streets following the death of Murthy Amini, who was in police custody after being arrested for “improperly dressed”. It was seen to be on fire.

Women have played an important role in the demonstrations. Some openly burn their veils and cut their hair in order to directly challenge the priestly leaders.

At least nine people were killed in clashes between Iranian security forces and demonstrators, the Associated Press reported. An Iranian state television anchor suggested on Thursday that the death toll from the mass protests could be as high as 17, but did not say how that number was reached.

“I call on Iran to stop the escalation of tensions and to refrain from further acts of violence against its own people,” Jolie said in a statement. “We urge Iran to address all civil grievances in a non-discriminatory and meaningful way and to protect the right to peaceful protest.”

A police motorbike burns during a protest against Masa Amini’s death in Tehran, Iran, September 19, 2022. (West Asia Press/Reuters)

Earlier this week, Jolie said Ottawa was following the protests closely and called for a “full and complete investigation into the regime’s actions” in connection with Amini’s death.

Other Western governments, including the United States and France, condemned Amini’s death earlier this week.

“Martha Amini should still be alive today,” Secretary of State Anthony Brinken said Tuesday. “We call on the Iranian government to end the systematic persecution of women and allow peaceful protests.”

Conservative deputy leader Melissa Landman criticized Jolie’s statement, saying Canada’s response to Iran “requires more than words”.

“Canada should view Iran’s countless atrocities against women and its violent crackdown on basic human rights and freedoms as a call to the final list. [Iran’s Revolutionary Guard] as a terrorist organization,” Lanzmann said in a media statement.

Iranian officials on Thursday warned that protests over Amini’s death would have consequences. ” was prosecuted.

Ottawa denounces state crackdown on Martha Amini’s death and protests in Iran

Source link Ottawa denounces state crackdown on Martha Amini’s death and protests in Iran

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