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Opinion: Adding racing to your driver’s license offers little benefit

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In response to the Alberta government’s redesign of driver’s licenses and other forms of identification to make them anti-counterfeiting, the majority of Edmonton Police Commission members have adopted Alberta’s racial identity as part of their driver’s license. I was complicit in the additional proposals for inclusion in the testimony.

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The justification for Edmonton Police to collect data by race seems unclear, other than the results of discussions with Statistics Canada and vague thoughts about bias. Edmonton Police Chief Dale McFee backed the move with the idea that race-based data, if self-reported, are a “source of truth.”

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This is a bad idea for many reasons.

First, the categories of “race” and ethnicity are not as clear-cut as some people think. As a person born in Lebanon, should I identify as Lebanese or Caucasian, Arab, Phoenician or Semitic? Imagine four grandparents, one Metis, one white, one black, and one Japanese. What “race” should they specify in the license?

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The second is the potential agenda behind more racial identification. The Canadian government has increasingly promoted so-called pro-diversity ideologies, which in practice have led to new forms of discrimination based on identity.

A case in point is Patanjali Kambhampati, a professor of chemistry at McGill University, who made it clear to the National Post last November that he would recruit researchers based on ability rather than skin color. He said he was denied a research grant because of this. The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada has rejected his $450,000 grant application. [his] The application was deemed inadequate. ”

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Kanbanpathi has wondered aloud about the consequences of such a race-based approach. Shouldn’t I coach them like I do others? That’s implied. I can’t do it in good conscience. ”

A third reason why the concept of racial identification in driver’s licenses is a bad idea is that many Canadian immigrants (older people like me, or the 500,000 new immigrants who arrive each year) often Leaving the country of origin (or ) due to identity-based intimidation and even abuse and violence based on it. It’s disappointing and even embarrassing to see that some of my adoptive countries have suggested identifying me, other immigrants and ‘traditional’ Canadians by ‘race’. .

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That’s why the hesitation expressed by Edmonton Police Commissioner Eric Amtman when he voted against the five-person majority who wanted us to race on our driver’s licenses was the right impulse (Amtmann believes that was one of three who opposed “I was in South Africa where he was for a year and they did this and I was horrified,” he told the Edmonton Sun newspaper. “I have no good logic other than to feel it’s not right.” I can attest to the often negative, divisive, even deadly, not for the daily identification and grants and work, not for the anonymous surveys by . result.

Significant examples of both the worst and the smartest policies of identity politics come to mind. I left Lebanon for Canada in his 1990, but before that I endured the Lebanese Civil War in the process of growing up. The Lebanese have suffered greatly, including fighting, occupation by neighboring countries and their proxies (Syria and Israel, Hamas, Hezbollah, the PLO, and militias friendly to Israel). We Lebanese, too, have endured heavy shelling, hostage-taking, car bombings, and many have become refugees, but all of us have endured turmoil over the years.

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There was also this vice: civilians were kidnapped or murdered at checkpoints by all militias simply because they had the “wrong” identity on their ID card, i.e. of the wrong religion. In 2009, a decree was passed to remove religious affiliation from a citizen’s ID card.

I am not saying that racial or ethnic identification on driver’s licenses will lead to mayhem or murder in Canada. The existing practice of awarding subsidies and jobs to the United States is likely to be divisive, discriminatory, and lead to more ‘race’ identification. should.

If Lebanon eliminated religion from identity cards in 2009, why would the Edmonton police commission propose to identify people by race on driver’s licenses in 2022? and religious identity-based politics. There is little to be gained from such proposals.

Rima Azar, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor of Health Psychology at Mount Allison College in Sackville, Montana and a Senior Fellow of the Aristotelian Public Policy Foundation.

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Opinion: Adding racing to your driver’s license offers little benefit

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