Ontario has sufficient epidural supply, says doctor

A global shortage of epidural catheters in some Canadian provinces should not deter Ontario patients from asking if they need one while in the hospital, says a Toronto doctor. .

Dr. Tali Vogler, director of family medicine and obstetrics at St. Michael’s Hospital, says the shortage is causing more work for the hospital to share supplies, but she’s sending patients to request treatment. There was no need to refuse.

“Here in Ontario, we have no problems with supply at the provincial level,” Vogler told CTV’s Your Morning on Friday.

“If there is a shortage[of epidural catheters]in a hospital, we encourage you to contact your Ontario Health Region contact to facilitate sharing between hospitals and support escalation with other suppliers. increase.”

Supply chain issues in recent months have been a major cause of shortages that have also affected British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Ontario Health reported that 16% of him in hospital had an epidural catcher for less than a week on his August 17th.

An epidural catheter is a tube used to inject an anesthetic into a patient’s spine. Treatment is often associated with pregnant women, but it is also used for hip, knee, and gynecological surgery.

Bogler says patients shouldn’t hesitate to ask for an epidural, and recommends checking with your healthcare provider first if in doubt about supplies at your local hospital.

“You are your best advocate. Even before you are admitted to the hospital for labor or delivery, you really do not want patients to talk to their health care providers or call the hospital about labor and ask how things are going.” I recommend it,” she said.

It’s also best practice for pregnant patients to request an epidural as soon as possible, says Bogler.

“Some people ask you to wait a little while to see if the pain gets a little worse,” she said.

If a patient is awaiting an epidural, Bogler said there are other options he can offer, including opiates, laughing gas and local anesthetics.

Ontario has sufficient epidural supply, says doctor

Source link Ontario has sufficient epidural supply, says doctor

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