Ontario Educational Strike: What will happen next

Ontario’s educational officials have voted for strikes when negotiations with the state continue to get stuck, but many parents and school employees may be wondering what will happen next. .

On Monday, the Canadian Public Service Association (CUPE) announced that employees, including managers, infant educators, and school management staff, have voted for 96.5% of them.

Voting to the strike does not mean that the educational staff will immediately stand on the Pike Line. Parents should not expect class activities and school schedules to be interrupted immediately.

Strike voting is part of the process that allows workers to legally perform collective labor behavior in the future. If negotiations fall into a stalemate, Cupe will give him an option to start a 17 -day strike or lockout countdown to advance the negotiations.

The union must also notify the employment rules campaign, lockout, or strike, five days before starting any duties.

The last time the educational worker negotiated the Labor Agreement with the Ontario government in 2019, a labor anti -controlling campaign was held as a result of mediation at the last minute. During the campaign period, some of the services by support staff were canceled, such as cleaning of corridors, gymnasiums, offices, and picking up garbage outside the school.

Five days before the state of strike throughout the state was issued a few days later, and after negotiations at the last minute, we reached a provisional agreement.

The government will meet again with the union on October 17 and October 18.

CUPE is looking for an hourly wage of $ 3.25, or about 11.7% a year.彼らは、法案 124 により過去 3 年間、給与の増加が 1% に制限されているため、この種の昇給はインフレに対応するために必要であると主張しています。

However, the government proposes a 2% increase in workers with an annual income of less than $ 40,000, and 1.25% of the other workers in the next four years.

Cupe is also seeking to add paid preparation time every day, add paid paid for five days before the grade, and increase overtime pay.

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Ontario Educational Strike: What will happen next

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