Olivia O’Brien says she dated Pete Davidson and explains how things ended

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Olivia O’Brien offers the world the story of her quick love affair with Pete Davidson. About the “Dave Portnoy, Josh Richards, Brianna Chickenfry BFF” Podcast, The singer of “I Hate U, I Love U” confirmed in the alum of “Saturday Night Live” that things turned on and then turned off.

When the host asked about their romance, O’Brien wondered how they knew. “Where did you hear it?” She asked. “How did you hear that?”

She opened up time with Davidson, who dated October 2020, when the host informed her that it was a blind item on the popular gossip site Deux Moi. “I didn’t think anyone knew it,” she said. “I didn’t really do it.”

When asked about Davidson’s charm, O’Brien shared some qualities about the “The King of Staten Island” star. “He’s hot,” she said. “And he’s really funny and really sweet. He’s a really kind person.”

O’Brien claimed that the actor ended things with her in the text. “He sent me a text message and it was like,’I can’t because I’m looking at someone else,'” she said.

O’Brien said he understood why he ended things and was talking to other women during the date.

“He lived in New York,” she said. “And we met in person only a few times, so I understood that.”

Shortly after finishing things, Davidson began dating Phoebe Dynevor. The two were first discovered in the United Kingdom in March 2021. But in August, the comedian and actress split.

Davidson is currently in a relationship with Kim Kardashian. The Kardashian Adventure star and comedian were first discovered together in October 2021.

Since then, the couple have taken a romantic vacation, walking the carpet at the Met Gala and White House Correspondents’ Supper, and sources say they are “in love very seriously.” Sources also told ET that Kardashian and Davidson are “talking about future plans as a couple.”

Not only does Davidson have a strong relationship with the founder of SKIMS, he also makes friends with her four children.

“Looking at him with her children made her fall even more difficult for Pete,” sources said. “Kim and Pete are very invested in each other and feel more intimate than ever. They have a great time in Tahiti and can’t wait for the future.”

Details from ET:

Kim Kardashian when Pete Davidson decides to be able to meet her child

Sources say Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are “very serious”

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Olivia O’Brien says she dated Pete Davidson and explains how things ended

Source link Olivia O’Brien says she dated Pete Davidson and explains how things ended

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