Olano Canada donates $250,000 to North Marholtla NICU for facility to welcome patients

Submitted photos (left to right) Cody Barnett of VHF Glenn Lafleur and Tammy Van Lambalgen of Orano Canada and Andrea Dutchak of Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA).

After Olano Canada donated $250,000 to aid, Prince Albert residents have even more reason to celebrate the opening of the new Victoria Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

The announcement comes on the same day that Malhotra NICU in the north welcomes its first patients into its newly completed space. Cody Barnett, executive director of the Victoria Hospital Foundation, said the donation is to support families in the area.

“It was like two pieces of good news rolled into one, with Orano announcing a gift for us and a patient being hospitalized,” Burnett said.

Barnett said Orano Canada has many employees in northern Saskatchewan and sees the donation as a way to support their families. He thanked them for their contributions.

“By expanding our NICU from four to 11 patient beds, more families can stay here, get the care they need and stay close to our support network,” said Barnett. . “That way children who have to travel for special care can actually get back here sooner with that added capacity.”

Barnett said the donation was very welcome to Prince Albert. Over 1,000 donors have contributed to the project and Barnett wants to make sure they all feel appreciated.

“Unfortunately, the Queen passed by the day we did our grand opening, and it was also right after James Smith,” Burnett said. It’s an important part for us.”

Orano Canada’s Vice President and Chief Executive Officer, Tammy Van Lambargen, said the NICU was a logical choice as she wanted to help serve Prince Albert.

“Victoria Hospital serves a large area of ​​the state and many of our employees travel to Prince Albert for services,” Lambargen said in a media release. “We are proud to support this facility that provides state-of-the-art medical care for newborns and their families in northern Saskatchewan.”

She added that it’s heartwarming to hear from staff about how the upgraded spaces and equipment will improve the care patients receive.

“I’m very happy to hear that today (Tuesday) our first patient will enter the NICU,” she said. I am happy to be close to home while my baby receives the care she needs.”

New NICU capacity increases accommodate up to 11 medically vulnerable newborns, giving families more privacy and space to bond with their babies.

While the previous space was a very small space of 357 square feet, the new NICU is over 4,000 square feet and is designed with parent-child bonding in mind. This additional capacity will significantly reduce the number of infants in need of care in Saskatoon and Regina and support the early return of families who need to travel for specialized care.

The Malhotra NICU in the North was made possible by donations totaling more than $4 million to the Victoria Hospital Foundation from nearly 1,000 donors.


Olano Canada donates $250,000 to North Marholtla NICU for facility to welcome patients

Source link Olano Canada donates $250,000 to North Marholtla NICU for facility to welcome patients

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