Oilers’ Skinner thrilled with first full-time NHL role for hometown team

EDMONTON — Soups and Stews.

It’s the strangest tandem when you think about it.

Consider that no one has both soup and stew. Either you have one or you have the other.

Well, the Edmonton Oilers have both starter Jack (Soupie) Campbell and backup Stuart (Stu) Skinner in their goaltending tandem this year.

“Backup” is a 23-year-old rookie with only 14 NHL games to play. This fall, he embarks on his 30-game starting season.


Fans may see it that way.

From under a world-class mustache that would make Wendell Clarke and Paul McLean proud, “That would be great. I’m really looking forward to it,” he said. I’ve had a little taste and I’m going to do the same thing as last year.”

You’ve heard Skinner’s story. He is the youngest of nine children and all names start with ‘S’. He grew up in the Edmonton neighborhood of Riverbend, White Mud He attended high school at Louis Saint Laurent, just south of the freeway.

Some people succeed by playing locally. Others struggle with ticket requests, dinners and invitations to keep all their family and friends on track…

In a market where even fourth-row wingers are featured in restaurants, Skinner has a built-in fan club that sits around the Thanksgiving dinner table.

“You know, I have one job,” he says. “It’s to stop the pack and that’s what I’m going to do. Then I go home and eat good food and sleep.”

Soup and stew. The second half of that equation is like the real meat and potatoes man.

Perhaps his best asset?

“His physique,” said Oilers goalie manager Dustin Schwartz. “I can’t tell you that. He’s 6-foot-4 and fat. He takes up a lot of space in there.”

Growing up, Skinner’s hero was Dwayne Roloson. Skinner would have been a Grade 2 when Roloson took the Oilers to the 2006 Stanley Cup final against Carolina.

“I remember growing up. By fifth grade, I was trying to tell my teacher that I wanted the same napkin as him. He was by far the coolest guy in my mind.” .

Roloson had not played for Edmonton for a long time, playing just over three seasons in his 14-year career. Skinner enters the chat as a drafted and developed Euler, a third-round pick who could be a real-life NHL goaltender in the long run.

But you know what they say about goalkeepers…

You won’t know if they’re NHL goalkeepers until they play in the NHL. Then you find

“I mean, I want to say I know,” said Skinner. “But I don’t think anyone knows what the future holds. That said, I’m going to do everything I can to see what I can do in this league and see how far I can go. is” .

I will try my best to be the best goalkeeper, best teammate and best person in the next few years.”

How about a place to start? The Oilers may have the perfect tandem to go out to dinner in the NHL alongside Campbell, who has a good career. Then add in the fact that Skinner has been properly seasoned — five seasons in the Western Hockey League, another in the ECHL, and three more in the AHL Bakersfield — and absolutely deserves where he is today. I have a man.

Head coach Jay Woodcroft told Campbell he was going for a “50-55” start. That leaves it somewhere in the 27-32 range for Skinner.

“At the end of the day, he has to answer a few questions regarding how much he can carry,” Schwartz admitted. “I think he has shown in 14 starts that he has the skills and the ability to play here.

“He’s had his ups and downs at the start, just like he’s had at the NHL level. I think that experience is invaluable. Now he has to go out and do it.”

Can he be Thatcher Demko?

Will he become Laurent Bloissois?

No one can say they know what Stuart Skinner’s ceiling looks like right now.

So let’s sit down and find out.

Oilers’ Skinner thrilled with first full-time NHL role for hometown team

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