Objective investment sells all holdings of Russian companies, Canadian Business Journal

Toronto, March 3, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Purpose Investments Inc. (“Purpose”) announced today that it has sold all its direct holdings of Russian companies and has promised to stop new investment as long as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine continues. To confront this meaningless war and show support for the Ukrainian people, the purpose last week began to sell funds from Russian companies and companies doing meaningful business in Russia.

“Like many Canadians, we have an undeniable urge to do everything we can to help those in distress,” said Som Seif, CEO and founder of Purpose Investments. increase. “We took the stance of incorporating ESG factors into our entire investment portfolio many years ago. I don’t think there is a better way to test a company’s ESG principles. We simply feel that it is not appropriate for our client’s capital to support Russian companies or companies that are directly engaged in business in Russia. “

The aim has been to lead the industry’s call for action alongside other asset managers to support the sale of Russian assets in our portfolio. Personally, each of us may be small, but collectively our industry is the power to make a difference. Today, asset managers and pension funds representing over $ 200 billion in assets have been strengthened and made this pledge. We expect more people to discuss and discuss with their capital. We encourage capital market peers to act as responsible leaders and sign a pledge of sale from Russia.

Through this shared pledge, leaders across Canada have already agreed to identify exposures to Russian companies, stop new investments in the region and sell their holdings of related entities as soon as possible. .. Signers are also encouraged to publicly report on their exposures, divestments, and future investment plans to build awareness and transparency in this effort.

“This decision goes far beyond investment. It reflects our concerns and concerns about the situation in Ukraine, and our desire to help the brave Ukrainians as much as possible. “We do,” said Som Seif, CEO and founder of Ukraine. “By bringing together the asset management and pension industries, we can spread the message that tyranny and the suffering it causes cannot and will not be supported.”

For more information on the pledge, please visit: Vow to sell from Russia..

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Objective investment sells all holdings of Russian companies, Canadian Business Journal

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