Nurturing the Next Generation of Manga Artists Who Can Draw If They Can

In addition to cosplaying, shopping for geeky merch, and meeting your favorite celebrities, Fan Expo also offers attendee panels, workshops, and other learning opportunities.

One of the creative activities you can experience at this year’s Toronto convention is drawing a cartoon. Cubat School Originally from New Jersey.

“What we really specialize in is telling stories with artwork—narrative art,” explains school principal Anthony Marquez.

He points out that everyone’s favorite superhero stories seen on the big screen all trace their origins to the pictures on the page.

“People watch movies and forget that this all started with little comic books, floppy periodicals you picked up from a stand,” Marquez says. “The great thing about comics is that imagination has no budget. If you want them to fly over the center of the sun and pick up the moon and throw it to another planet, they can do that.”

“You’re only limited by your own imagination. That’s what makes comic books the absolute best.”

Marques said he hopes to capture the imagination of Fan Expo attendees by hosting a skill lab for those interested in comic art.

“The Skill Lab is a great opportunity for people to come to our booth, sit down and talk with some of the instructors at our school, and learn a little bit about how to improve artwork, how to improve it, how to get it It’s the next step in getting closer to being a pro,” he says. “We look forward to helping people achieve their goals and realize their dreams.”

A Kubert School instructor hosts a skill lab at Fan Expo 2022 in Toronto to teach people how to sketch cartoons. CITYNEWS/Ken Townsend

They also host “Creator Catch-Ups” where industry professionals share how they developed the passion that drives them into their careers.

“This way, people who want to get into the industry can learn a little bit of the internal method of getting into the industry,” says Marquez.

He adds that nurturing the next generation of comic artists is a priority for Kubert School, which offers both a full-time in-person program and online classes where people can learn at their own pace.

“The next generation of cartoonists is really, really important. Our school wasn’t just Joe when Joe Kubert founded the school in 1976. Come forward and move the industry.” ’ he says.

“And that’s what we’re still doing today. We’re continuing to carry that legacy forward and developing the next generation of artists because they’re fresh storytellers. These are the people who will expose everyone to wonderful, wonderful stories that they want to read and get excited about.

Nurturing the Next Generation of Manga Artists Who Can Draw If They Can

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