November 25 Trend Hashtag – Stripes See Cryptocurrency; Calls EU to Ban Cryptocurrency Mining.Tesla’s autonomous driving

Stripe has been flirtatious with the idea of ​​accepting cryptocurrencies, climate experts have called for a ban on Bitcoin in Europe, and Tesla’s autonomous driving will require video collection.

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Online payment company Stripe has revealed that it does not rule out accepting cryptocurrencies as payments, according to an article from. CNBC.. Comments from co-founder John Collison are particularly interesting given that the company ended support for Bitcoin in 2018. At the time, Stripe raised concerns about volatility and “inefficiencies in everyday transactions.” Collison made no specific claims about the reintroduction of cryptocurrencies, but said that recent developments in blockchain currencies have made them more scalable and acceptable as payment methods. Founded in 2009, Stripe is one of the largest fintech companies in the United States and is worth nearly US $ 100 billion.

Swedish authorities are calling on the European Union to ban cryptocurrency mining because of its energy-intensive nature and high carbon dioxide emissions.Articles from EuroNews He explained that the rise in cryptocurrencies this year has increased Sweden’s energy consumption by “hundreds of percent”, threatening the country’s ability to meet the obligations of the Paris Agreement. The biggest contributor to the high energy consumption of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ether is the blockchain’s “proof of work” system. This includes computers that solve complex mathematical formulas designed to become more and more difficult as the number of blocks grows. Therefore, the longer the “arms race”, the more intensive the process, and then the more energy demand as the currency grows.

Finally, according to the article from Engadget, Tesla asks drivers to agree to allow video collection after the company releases the full self-driving feature. Tesla used to collect videos to train AI, but Tesla will be able to associate videos with specific vehicles via a vehicle identification number. Therefore, according to a report from Electrek, the language used by Tesla may mean that we want to make sure there is evidence in the event of an FSD accident. Tesla’s FSD feature is somewhat malicious early in the release, with repeated issues such as “unjustified forward collision warning, unexpected autobrake”.

And now for something a little different. NASA seems to be doing something interesting again. After NASA announced plans to install a reactor on the Moon earlier this week, the space agency has now announced that they will launch their first asteroid deflection mission.According to the article from Sky newsA spacecraft launched from California this morning for a mission named DART (Double Asteroid Redirection Test) will see an attempt to intercept the target asteroid next September. The DART was launched in combination with the SpaceX on board the Falcon 9 rocket and is reported to be approximately the size of a small car. The intercepted asteroids do not pose a threat to Earth, but the mission is still worth paying special attention to. Physicists like the late Stephen Hawking called the impact of a potential asteroid on Earth “among the greatest threats humanity faces.”

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November 25 Trend Hashtag – Stripes See Cryptocurrency; Calls EU to Ban Cryptocurrency Mining.Tesla’s autonomous driving

Source link November 25 Trend Hashtag – Stripes See Cryptocurrency; Calls EU to Ban Cryptocurrency Mining.Tesla’s autonomous driving

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