North Korea’s ‘ultimate goal’ is to have world’s most powerful nuclear force: Kim Jong Un

When North Korean leader Kim Jong Un promoted dozens of military officers involved in the recent launch of the country’s largest ballistic missile, his country’s ultimate goal was to build the world’s most powerful nuclear force. to hold it, state media reported on Sunday.

The announcement came after Kim oversaw the testing of a new Hwasong-17 intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) and pledged to counter US nuclear threats with nuclear weapons on November 18.

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Building a nuclear force is to ensure the dignity and sovereignty of the nation and its people. It is to ‘officer.

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He called Hwasong-17 “the world’s most powerful strategic weapon,” and said it showed North Korea’s determination and ability to ultimately build the world’s most powerful military.

North Korean scientists “have made a great leap forward in developing the technology to mount a nuclear warhead on a ballistic missile,” Kim said, without elaborating.

Taking photos with scientists, engineers, military personnel and others involved in the experiment, Kim hopes they will continue to expand and strengthen the country’s nuclear deterrent at a very rapid pace. said.

These workers have sworn an oath of loyalty and trust to the ruling party, vowing to defend the party and Chairman Kim’s “absolute authority”, saying that “our missiles will fly hard only in the direction he indicates”. I swore.

They said Kim “taught me carefully step by step” during the development of Hwasong-17.

The launch of a missile capable of reaching the US mainland prompted the United States to issue a presidential statement to the United Nations Security Council demanding that North Korea be held accountable for the missile test. Missile tests are prohibited by a Security Council resolution.

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North Korea fires two missiles into eastern waters after US and South Korean military exercises.

North Korea’s powerful Standing Committee of the Supreme People’s Assembly has awarded the Hwasong-17 missile the title of “Hero of North Korea and the Order of the Gold Star and the National Flag First Class,” KCNA said in a separate statement, referring to the country’s official name. reported using the initials of Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

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The Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) said, “(Missiles) will clearly prove to the world that North Korea is a complete nuclear power and capable of countering the nuclear hegemony of the US imperialists. performed,” he said.

The report said North Korea has demonstrated that it reacts in the same way to “a head-on confrontation with an enemy’s nuclear weapons.”

(Reporting by Josh Smith; Editing by Leslie Adler)

North Korea’s ‘ultimate goal’ is to have world’s most powerful nuclear force: Kim Jong Un

Source link North Korea’s ‘ultimate goal’ is to have world’s most powerful nuclear force: Kim Jong Un

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