No help for BC senior in ‘life or limb’ condition – Victoria News

An 82-year-old woman suffering from post-surgery infections is at risk of losing a leg, or worse, losing it as she awaits a transfer from Terrace to Prince George, she said. daughter Rebecca Onstein told The Black Press on Thursday.

After a car accident on September 2nd, Onstein’s mother underwent foot surgery at Prince George’s Hospital and returned to Mills Memorial Hospital in Terrace to recover on September 14th. Her leg has an infection and she needs urgent surgery, but her family worries that by the time she gets treatment it may be too late.

“If they don’t take my mom out, she’ll either lose one leg or die. And it’s not fair. She’s promised better and she deserves better,” Onstein said. Told.

The family was told Wednesday night that it was a “life or limb” situation and that Prince George would have high-priority medevac. But,” she was told that she would never leave the terrace again.

She said her family was told that medevac would happen the next morning, but was disappointed again.

“This morning we all arrived at six o’clock in the morning. On a different note, Prince George has no bed. I told my 82-year-old mother that if I didn’t get her out soon, she would lose her leg and have a serious blood infection. It’s already been said that she might die if she catches it, but she’s still waiting.”

“The nurses are great, the doctors are great. They don’t have manpower,” Onstein said, adding that the terrace didn’t even have the tools to remove the metal from the mother’s leg and stop the infection.

“Every doctor will say different things, but the basic gist of it is that Vancouver and Kelowna won’t take her, and Prince George won’t take her.

“She has nowhere to take her and the terrace doesn’t work because she doesn’t have the tools.”

Onstein said her mother, a former nurse at Terrace Hospital, had become another victim of B.C.’s “broken health care system” and said the state needed to make health care a top priority. added.

“She used to work in this hospital, but now she’s upstairs waiting for her bed, and she may not make it in time. Now she’s lying in this hospital, and she could die here.” doesn’t seem right.

“My mother is an incredibly strong woman and now worries more about her children than herself. I think she’s scared and I think she’s confused.

“I want a bed for my mother, but I want a bed not only for my mother, but for all those who are stuck in the hospital. I feel sorry for everyone who is in the same situation.”

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No help for BC senior in ‘life or limb’ condition – Victoria News

Source link No help for BC senior in ‘life or limb’ condition – Victoria News

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