No. 1 in design at the forefront, Canadian Business Journal as companies seek technical and design expertise to address consumer interest in products that meet high standards of cleanliness

Ottawa, March 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Design 1st, one of North America’s most trusted and full-service product design engineering companies, today seeks a product design partner with cutting-edge expertise. Announced that it supports the needs of our clients. Ultraviolet (UV) rays and other air and water purity technologies to support consumer awareness of cleanliness. With cleanliness standards seamlessly integrated into people’s lives, they are looking to products that help reduce pathogens and support cleaner daily habits. Design 1st is the perfect product design partner for clients who offer this clean element, or who are on the road to offering new products that improve air and water quality, eliminate pathogens and ensure the highest levels of purity. Is emerging as. The air, water, and food we consume.

For over 30 years, Design 1st has guided customers through all stages of the product design and development process, from entrepreneurs to businesses. Design 1st balances in-depth expertise in new technologies, product ease of use, materials and engineering with component supply risk, global manufacturing expertise and diverse supply networks, from end-to-end “ideas”. We provide “to the product” service. One area of ​​design demand in 2022 is the ultraviolet (UV) sterilization market. According to a research report analyzing the outlook for the UVC disinfectant product market from 2021 to 2031, sales are expected to reach more than $ 30 billion by 2031 and a CAGR of 15.2% will grow over the period. Design 1st’s technical skill set of air and water filtration and UV technology has made it an ideal partner for companies looking to bring disinfection solutions for personal, batch and continuous cleaning applications to market. To imagine the behavior of air, water, and light flow in three dimensions requires experience and advanced tools for designing new products in the sterile market.

“The pandemic has ignited changes in the way people interact with everyday things in their daily lives, from the air breathing in the room to the devices and surfaces they touch, the food and water they consume every day. That’s what Matt says. Bailey, Vice President, Design 1st Engineering. “We have helped our clients design and configure technically difficult filtration and purification products for many years. We have leveraged our in-depth experience in UV and fluid flow control to make these ideas useful. I am very happy to have the opportunity to turn it into a product. Various applications. “

Innovation in the development and delivery of UV product concepts

UV has long been the standard method of cleaning, and Design 1st is actively involved with clients to bring the concept of UV products to market. CleanSlate UV, a Toronto-based biotechnology startup, is working to bring a new product, a next-generation smartphone sanitizer co-designed by Design 1st, to market in the fall. Using the simplicity of UV C light technology, it destroys the most dangerous microorganisms and causes illness in humans in as little as 20 seconds. This device is ideal not only for healthcare, but also for public places such as transportation hubs, corporate offices and retail stores. Due to its sophisticated design and user-friendly features, anyone can use it without the need for training. It is so powerful that it can inactivate up to 99.999% of common bacteria, including super bugs and Covid variants, in a single UV light treatment cycle without damaging chemical additives.

With extensive UV technology experience, Design 1st is competitive in sterility technology that does not allow bacteria to build resistance to the cleaning process. UV technology expertise includes leveraging LED emitters for UVC and UVB wavelength emission. The Design 1st team has a strong laboratory test partner network that promotes the effectiveness of specific implementations of LEDs, glass materials and reflectors, as well as an excellent way to quickly evaluate options and immerse refined objects most effectively. There is also a ray tracing simulation feature that explores the design configuration. With uniform UV exposure and intensity level.

Revolutionary airflow

Today, there is increasing demand for products that incorporate technology that circulates airflow and produces clean, breathable air while preventing excessive exposure to harmful bacteria, dust and other pollutants in the air. Design 1st has extensive experience in zero ozone electrostatics with the ability to meet UL 2998 standards for airflow devices, from body-fitting systems to room purification systems, as well as filter material methods and electrostatic filtration. I have.

Design 1st is developing new products that accurately measure airflow and sensing in multiple use cases. These include:

  • Caliber: A real-time fitness metabolism tracker will help you improve your performance and live smarter. Caliber is a wearable device that measures breathing flow and composition to track calories, fat burning, and oxygen usage anytime, anywhere, co-designed by Design 1st to be comfortable, functional, aesthetic, and lightweight. rice field. Includes multiple gas sensors to measure inhalation and exhalation composition and flow, making dozens of biometrics surprisingly accurate, including real-time calorie burn rates, oxygen intake, and body fat usage. You can measure. The data will help you know and influence how your daily life affects your body.
  • Kaframo: An award-winning hatch fan for boats and yachts that expels old hot cabin air in 30 seconds. Available on the market, Caframo chooses Design 1st to creatively design and provide a large amount of airflow for yacht hatch fans with custom blade designs, maximizing the limited space of boat hatch openings. It pumps in air and quickly removes hot old air when sailing. The blade design required a fan with CFD finite element analysis and the ability to rotate out of the way to get out of the boat using the hatch. Mike Tettenborn, Vice President of Engineering at Caframo, said: “Design 1st designers and engineers managed the product design and testing process, demonstrating proper creativity and technical understanding. As a result, it is easy and powerful to install, unlike the ones on the market. A portable marine hatch fan has been created. “
  • Lumine Fire: Zero energy, low cost with no moving parts, with wells and filters installed above the vents of a household forced air furnace and arranged to maximize air flow and provide humidification from the well to the airflow. Humidifier device. According to a spokesman for a company, “We had to convert the sketch design of the Rumidifier napkin to a real prototype and then to a real product. As the first inventor, a knowledgeable business like Design 1st. The importance of having a product development partner focused on is now very clear. “
  • Molecule USA, Inc. Is a Los Angeles think tank that develops disruptive and influential solutions to humanitarian and sustainability challenges. Today, Molecule offers scientifically backed water resistance technology that utilizes the humidity of the air, even in dry desert climates, to ensure a sustainable supply of clean and purified drinking water regardless of location. Provide. Molecule selected Design 1st to conduct research and helped prototype development and testing of a new best-in-class product line of adsorbent-enhanced atmospheric water generators. Kurt Francis, CTO of Molecule, said: “Design 1st’s early efforts in prototype development helped us move from new desiccant powders to embedded substrates. After that, we improved and rigorously tested and continued our path to commercial products. The design team is absolutely great to work with. “

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No. 1 in design at the forefront, Canadian Business Journal as companies seek technical and design expertise to address consumer interest in products that meet high standards of cleanliness

Source link No. 1 in design at the forefront, Canadian Business Journal as companies seek technical and design expertise to address consumer interest in products that meet high standards of cleanliness

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