Nine fellow marathon runners disqualified for cheating

The result of 9 runners was disqualification. 2022 Doshi Marathon Following an investigation into alleged cheating during the race.

according to the statement A study by the state sports organization KwaZulu-Natal Athletics (KZNA) found that nine athletes did not run the entire point-to-point 90km course and allowed other athletes to wear racing bibs. , it turned out that some athletes provided incorrect credentials. .

To qualify for the Doshi Marathon, participants must run the marathon in 4 hours and 50 minutes.

All nine runners will have to return their 2022 Comrades Marathon medals and will be reported to state athletic clubs, which have the right to apply additional disciplinary action. According to the Comrades Marathon Association, these runners are banned from participating in the Comrades Marathon for the next few years.

The men’s podium at the 2018 Comrades Marathon. (These athletes legitimately earned the honor.) Photo: Twitter/ComradesRace

according to the statementThis decision is intended to send a clear message to athletes that cheating will not be tolerated. Steve Mukashi.

The Comrade is the largest and oldest ultramarathon in the world and consists of a 90km route between Pietermaritzburg and Durban, South Africa, which usually changes direction each year. This year’s race took place on his August 28th, full-time security guard part-time marathoner, Tete Dijana.

Nine fellow marathon runners disqualified for cheating

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