Nick Carter Talks ‘Surprise’ Canada Project, New Mental Health Initiative, and Singing with Drake

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On his return to Canada with the Backstreet Boys, Nick Carter teased about his ‘Surprise’ project in Canada, recalled playing with Drake in Toronto, and Sean, the 24-year-old pop star grappling with mental health challenges. Congrats to Mendez.

Mendes, who co-wrote the Backstreet Boys’ 2019 single “Chances,” recently canceled a tour to deal with the emotional pain of returning to tour. Carter, who has been with the Boys for 29 years, is no stranger to the mental strain of touring and is currently working on launching his Mental Health initiative. Although it’s primarily aimed at young people, the project is also partially inspired by Carter’s own struggles to navigate the showbiz world since his youth.

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Speaking at a solo event, Chords & Coffee, at Evans Brothers Coffee, Carter, 42, said: Sunday, Spokane, Washington. “Some people look up to us as artists but don’t understand that we are human beings. You give a lot of your energy to the world when you entertain people.”

“I’m at the cost of being with my kids right now, and I’m tearing up at not being the stay-at-home mom I wanted to be,” Carter continued. I put all my sweat, tears and energy into this business.”

Carter previously shared how he consulted with a therapist via Zoom during difficult times with the pandemic. But as a father of three young children (Odin, 6, Saoirse, 2, and Pearl, 1), he feels more and more concerned about the struggles young people face these days.

There, after helping raise $100,000 for On Our Sleeves, a children’s mental health movement (attending Dave & Jimmy’s Celebrity Softball Classic with his bandmates in Ohio) by doing), he worked with organizations to create initiatives aimed at helping children. We need to better handle the mental hurdles that modern society throws at us, such as social media.

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“On Our Sleeves focuses on very young children, up to the age of 14, because in that time frame they are greatly affected by being thrown into things like social media that literally hurt them. said Carter. “All I can think of is what can be done to protect children from social media bombing and insanity. So we are working on initiatives to target some of these unhealthy things. increase.”

Carter says he and wife Lauren Kitt Carter are keeping their kids off iPads and giving their cute trio an “old school” education that offers books, movies and quality family time. said.

“We know we have no intention of getting rid of social media, but we have found a healthy balance and instead of parents throwing iPads at their kids and saying, ‘Let’s raise them,’ We need to help them connect,” Carter said. “Finding the balance between the tech world and the real world is very important for mental health.”

It’s been tough being away from the kids during the DNA World Tour, but Carter is excited to be back in Canada, teasing a “very special” surprise project lined up here. “We signed the NDA, so it’s hard to say, but it’s coming soon!”

Following Wednesday night’s Vancouver concert, the Backstreet Boys will perform a 32-song spectacle in Edmonton, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Quebec City and Montreal. Musician Aaron Space as part of ATCK (All the Cool Kids).

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It remains to be seen if the Backstreet Boys will invite local friends and acquaintances, including Mendes and longtime friend Shania Twain, to the concert, but the cast surpasses the moment Drake joined the group on stage. Most likely not. Want It That Way” July.

Carter said it was an honor to play with the rapper after years of blasting his music backstage.

“For the last 15 years, we’ve been going through all of his albums, listening to his work backstage before shows,” said Carter. “So it was really dope for him to come and stand by us.

“I love all the music that comes out of Canada,” Carter continued. “And Canadian people are the kindest people in the world! It’s really important to us.”

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The Grammy-nominated group will wrap up their DNA world tour in Europe, the UK, South America, Australia and New Zealand after playing in Canada. They will also release their first Christmas album. Christmas in a very back street, October 14thth.

Meanwhile, Carter is also brewing solo music. At the Chords & Coffee event in Spokane, he performed songs such as his 2002 single “Help Me,” the moving ballad “Do I Have to Cry for You,” and his collaboration with Jimmy Allen, “Easy.” played a solo song. latté.

However, he has stated that solo music is not his current priority. I would love to write a new song with a similar feel, but I come up with it, just like ‘Easy’ was, it was more personal and authentic.”

“There’s also a song called ‘Good Times’ by Krayzie Bone. [from Bone Thugs-N-Harmony] We dropped the verse and it turned out to be a great song, but with the Backstreet Boys going on, it just wasn’t the right time to release it,” he added. “It’s a bit country, R&B, hip-hop, and it’s the direction I’m headed in, so it’s still unfinished.”

Nick Carter Talks ‘Surprise’ Canada Project, New Mental Health Initiative, and Singing with Drake

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