NHL 23: First Female Nurse Featured on EA Sports Video Game Cover

Team Canada superstar Sarah Nurse has become one of the most famous players in women’s hockey.

After scoring a record 18 points at the Winter Olympics this February, she’s making history again — on the cover of NHL 23 as the first woman to grace the cover of an EA Sports NHL video game franchise.

EA Sports revealed in a tweet Wednesday that Nurse will be on the cover of the latest edition of the popular game series, alongside Anaheim Ducks forward Trevor Zeglas.

“Our first woman is on the cover. I’m so honored,” Nurse told TSN. and dream of becoming a professional hockey player.”

The Hamilton, Ontario forward was on vacation with his teammates celebrating an Olympic gold medal when he got the call.

Little did she know that one day she would be the face of a super-popular video game franchise.

“I was 27 and gave myself a self-limiting belief that I didn’t believe I could do it,” she said. “Now a little girl is trying to break it.”

The NHL video game series started in 1991 and has released a new game every year since. Which professional hockey player appears on the cover of a video game each year is usually a subject of great speculation among fans.

The final game in the series, NHL 22, was the first game to add the women’s national team to the selection of teams available to players.

“The fact that I can play as a woman on a women’s team is huge,” Nurse said.

Male-dominated sports like hockey have long lacked representation, whether on the ice or in video games.

Marissa Roberto, TSN’s Digital SportsCentre host, says Nurse is breaking down barriers.

“She embodies the sport itself, but also how women and women of color are playing in this space right now,” Roberto told CTV National News. It is possible if other girls see it.

Nurse hopes that being able to see herself in this video game means that girls think hockey and “believe they can be in this game.”

But now Nurse’s only game of concentration is Denmark, where she and Team Canada have embarked on a quest to retain gold at the Women’s World Championships.

They will face Finland on the ice on Thursday.

NHL 23: First Female Nurse Featured on EA Sports Video Game Cover

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