Newfoundland is left to rebuild the system “from scratch” using backups following a

The better work of the healthcare system is of paramount importance in the global pandemic. Recent cyberattacks on Newfoundland and Labrador healthcare systems have warned of protection from hacking and cyberattacks, as well as the protection of sensitive personal data.

Cyber ​​attacks on healthcare systems

Cyber ​​attacks on healthcare systems are not new in Canada. Recent cyberattacks were said to be the worst attacks the healthcare system had to face in Canada. 30 daysth In October 2021, cybercriminals hacked the Newfoundland and Labrador medical systems to access personal patient and employee data. However, David Diamond, head of Newfoundland and Labrador’s largest health authority, told reporters that the system was rebuilt “from scratch” using backups.

The reason for rebuilding the system from scratch is that in a ransomware attack, the victim couldn’t get the decryption key, or as Brian Honan, a cybersecurity consultant and former special adviser to Europol’s CyberCrime Center, said. , Because the decryption key does not work as intended. ..

What was stolen?

As confirmed by authorities, hackers stole healthcare worker / patient personal information and social insurance numbers for 2,514 patients from four health areas-of which 1,025 are still alive. These insurance numbers may have been collected incorrectly as Diamonds stated.

Fighting cyber attacks

Since the attack, authorities have been hesitant to reveal information about the nature of the attack and the cybercriminals responsible for the cyberattack on the New Found Glory and Labrador medical departments. It took a few days to find out that the reason behind the collapse of the healthcare system was a cyberattack.

The Newfoundland and Labrador medical system was built from scratch because experts said it was not an easy task. Mark Snagster, vice president of eSentire’s Industry Security Strategy, said the reason for rebuilding the system from scratch is to leave no “hidden backdoor” for attackers to re-enter. It was an expensive and difficult job.

The Government of Newfoundland and Labrador was reluctant to provide information on cyberattacks and contact perpetrators. They refused to determine if the ransom was requested or paid during the attack. The government’s involvement in ransomware wasn’t clearly communicated, and it wasn’t even known if the data was lost, but Honan is unlikely because he’s rebuilding the system from scratch. Said.

Cyber ​​attacks on Newfoundland and Labrador’s healthcare system are considered the worst cyber attacks in Canada’s history. The lack of language and information by the government has made the public even more suspicious of the security of personal data and information that appears to be vulnerable to cybercriminal attacks. The cyberattack was a signal for the Government of Canada to protect and protect civilian information.

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Newfoundland is left to rebuild the system “from scratch” using backups following a

Source link Newfoundland is left to rebuild the system “from scratch” using backups following a

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