New Teaser Reveals ‘Manifesto’ Season 4 Premiere Date

To Brent Furdick.

The fourth season of ‘Manifesto’ is about to begin.

On Sunday, August 28, Netflix revealed that the upcoming season of the sci-fi thriller will be released in two parts of 10 episodes each.

“When Air Montego Flight 828 landed safely after a regular but turbulent flight, the crew and passengers were relieved. , colleagues, after mourning the loss, gave up hope and moved on,” reads the Netflix synopsis for the series canceled by NBC. After the third season, it was picked up by Netflix after an enthusiastic fan-driven campaign to save the show.

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“Now, when faced with the impossible, they were all given a second chance,” the synopsis continues. “But as their new reality unfolds, a deeper mystery unfolds, and some of the returning passengers find themselves in this emotionally rich and unexpected journey into a world rooted in hope, heart, and heart.” On their journey, they quickly realize that they could mean something greater than they ever thought possible: destiny.”

As fans will recall, the third season ended with a number of unresolved cliffhangers: Ben’s (Josh Dallas) wife, Grace (Athena Karkanis), had to deal with troubled passenger Angelina (Holly). Taylor), and Angelina (Holly Taylor) kidnaps baby Eden as well. Messina) disappeared after touching her fins on the tail of an airplane and returned to being five years older (now played by her Thai girlfriend Dolan) and she said, “What must I do now?” I know it won’t,” he said cryptically. Additionally, viewers also got a glimpse of the plane’s captain when he reappeared in the cockpit, only to disappear seconds later with the wreckage of the plane.

“When I turn on the next episode, it’s two years later. Not only is Ben still suffering from deep depression and trauma from losing his wife, but he remembers that it was only half the tragedy. ’” Jeff Lake, creator of the series, told Tudam. “The other half was the kidnapping of his young daughter, who, tragically, is still missing two years later.”

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The new season of Manifesto begins on November 4th.

New Teaser Reveals ‘Manifesto’ Season 4 Premiere Date

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