New Men’s Overseas Styles Launched by Frank and Oak Canada – More Than Sweaters Than Jackets, Canadian Business Journal

Montreal, March 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Montreal, Quebec-

Frank And Oak, Canada’s sustainable apparel brand, has revealed that the newly released Men Aero Ultra Light Overshirt is made of 52% recycled nylon and 48% recycled polyester. The nylon used in oversheath is made from recycled fiber nylon waste, and recycled polyester is made from recycled fiber waste. The overseat lining is also made of recycled fiber. For more information on the newly released Men Aero Ultra Light Overshirt, see Please refer to the.

This men’s overshirt is available in a variety of sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL and XXL. Available in many colors and styles, it consists of seasonally made modular layers. Keep in mind that the Frank and Oak Smart Layers collection has easily become a favorite since it was introduced in 2019 because this modular outerwear made from recycled materials is seamlessly attached. .. It provides the best possible layering method. The snap system also links all base and top layers so you can sit properly while providing warmth. In addition, there is no loss of base layer, no cohesion, or increased friction.

This Men’s Aero Ultra Light Overshirt is water resistant due to its dense fabric that can withstand some water penetration. And this overshirt can be machine washed without damage. In addition, because it has excellent wind resistance, it can be worn with confidence even when exposed to strong winds. It is also made of ripstop fabric and has improved durability due to its unique interlocking reinforcement procedure.

These men’s oversight styles are best suited for mid-season weather. In other words, this season’s utility layer. It is water resistant and has a sill finish. It can be stored in a separate pouch and the snap system makes it easy to combine with different members of the Frank and Oak smart layer family. Kapok is used as a heat insulating material because it is 5 times lighter than cotton. It is also heat resistant and, in contrast to cotton, requires much less water during its manufacture.

Since its launch in Montreal in 2012, Frank and Oak has sought to create an apparel brand that delivers a unique message to both creatives and entrepreneurs. They started with a store at the mile end of Montreal, which quickly became a favorite, and eventually the company became recognized as one of Canada’s leading lifestyle brands and digital retailers. Today, the company is B Corp certified and uses innovative fabrics made from naturally derived materials with a well-thought-out design that makes people feel comfortable in everything they wear. Recognized as a leader in the sustainable fashion market for creating fashionwear. Live better and enjoy more. Today, 75% of our products are processed in a sustainable manner and manufactured using environmentally friendly materials.

In 2019, they set a set of goals to be achieved in 2022. The first goal was to completely eliminate unused plastic from the supply chain. The second goal was to completely offset greenhouse gas emissions. Their third goal was to increase the use of renewable energy. Their fourth goal was to realize the zero waste philosophy and the spirit of the community. Recently, they published a report on where they are to reach these goals. For example, they can achieve their first goal, all the tags used for apparel are made of biodegradable sugar cane paper, and the ink used is soy-based.

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New Men’s Overseas Styles Launched by Frank and Oak Canada – More Than Sweaters Than Jackets, Canadian Business Journal

Source link New Men’s Overseas Styles Launched by Frank and Oak Canada – More Than Sweaters Than Jackets, Canadian Business Journal

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