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Montreal, April 7, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Twenty-five years ago, DuProprio’s colorful little home first appeared in the “owner-sold” sign and the real estate industry. Now, proud of the journey, it’s time for DuProprio to redefine its image and, more importantly, reaffirm its commitment to support and equip homeowners and save them money. I did.

It’s a time that is currently said to be advantageous to sellers, but the fact remains that buying and selling real estate is an emotional and thought-provoking time in the lives of those involved, whether buying or selling a property. The truth is that even today’s markets have a share of challenges and opportunities. DuProprio has been working with sellers for 25 years to help make real estate sales transactions easy and worry-free.

The sale of real estate often marks the beginning of a new adventure. The reasons behind it are very different. Family growth and restructuring, new projects that need to be relocated, new financial decisions for new stages of life, and more. This is a fertile land where emotional things mix with rational things. In general, selling a home is definitely an emotional event. By benefiting from proper and ongoing support throughout the process, people can fully experience real estate transactions.

DuProprio firmly believes in education through support, so sellers can gain knowledge and confidence. Understanding and managing your transactions can make a positive contribution to the well-being of your sellers, especially in today’s fast markets. It is an important asset to be familiar with the process, talk about the impact of our decisions, and especially profit from the perspective of a professional advisor who is not emotionally invested in transactions. In addition to the savings you get from not paying commissions, selling without an intermediary gives sellers more knowledge, experience, and a sense of accomplishment.

Julie Benoit, General Manager and COO of DuProprio, said: “A good number of clients say that coach DuProprio’s support helped keep the course alive and not discouraged because this important transaction involves a few steps. Good support. Sure, you’re in the seller’s market right now, but it’s not easy for sellers. It’s normal to ask questions or ask questions. It’s amazing not to do so. We’re talking about the most important deal in life for many. “

DuProprio’s values ​​and vision haven’t changed after 25 years, but it’s good to move forward. The new logo is in line with this feeling. It’s more modern, but retains the essence of the DuProprio brand and colours, keeping the image of this Quebec company, which has been renowned and recognized for 25 years.

About DuProprio
DuProprio’s mission is to provide Quebec real estate owners with the support and exposure they need to sell their real estate for free. Since its establishment in 1997 and its acquisition by Desjardins in 2020, more than 344,497 consumers have reported real estate for sale using DuProprio’s services.1..That website is Quebec’s favorite real estate site2 The company employs more than 500 people.

In addition, 97% of DuProprio’s clients are happy with the service.3..

For more information or interviews, please contact:
Ariane Tremblay
Strategy Director for Communications and Public Relations

1 As of December 31, 2021, a total of 344,497 properties have been declared sold on since 1997.
2 According to an online survey of 1,246 respondents conducted by Adhook from February 12-25, 2019.
3 According to 4,266 clients who gave a rating of 7/10 or higher in an after-sales survey conducted by DuProprio from January 1st to June 30th, 2021.

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New logo, same promise, Canadian Business Journal

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