Nets’ Ben Simmons booed, Philly homecoming loss to 76ers

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Tobias Harris scored 24 points as the spirited Philadelphia 76ers team, which played without Joel Embiid and James Harden, beat the Brooklyn Nets 115-106 Tuesday night at home to Ben Simmons. Ruined cumming.

Simmons had 11 points, 11 assists and 7 rebounds and was a steady boo. Kyrie Irving scored his 23 points, Kevin Durant his 20, and with his three minutes remaining coach Jack Vaughan declined the starting lineup.

The expected marquee matchup saw Embiid out with a sprained left leg, Harden still out with a tendon strain in his right leg, and starting guard Tyrese Maxie out with a broken left leg.

Embiid vs. Simmons will have to wait.

The Simmons vs. 76ers fan was pretty good.

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Simmons was heckled, committed a flagrant foul, silenced the crowd with a layup, and Jordan shrugged after hitting a free throw. Most importantly for a player who has battled mental health issues, Simmons played with composure while being booed for most of his 32 minutes.

He already had three assists when he went to the free-throw line early in the game. Simmons was booed but didn’t look rattled and sank both baskets. Simmons reversed his layup in the first bucket minutes later.

Sixers fans were mostly well-behaved — save for a few short-lived “(expletive) Ben Simmons!” chants_and most of the time saved his four-letter words for tape on the back of his old #25 jersey.

Simmons and sophomore Sixer Georges Niang brawled late in the first half, with Niang giving his former teammate a mild arm stiffness to the body and resulting in a technical foul.

Harden couldn’t believe the call from the bench. Sixers owner Josh Harris was appalled.

Simmons missed a technical free throw and the crowd roared as they did during the game. Simmons, however, hit the court for a steal and loosely hit Durant with his ball to take the bucket.

The Sixers still led 63-57 and went into the break.

It was all games, not all heckles. Simmons sent 76ers fans into a frenzy when he missed back-to-back free throws in the second half and triggered a free fast food chicken promotion.

Simmons averaged 15.9 points, 8.1 rebounds and 7.7 assists in his four seasons with Philadelphia and was drafted by LSU after playing just one season. His ubiquitous headaches, such as his refusal to shoot past 15 feet, outweighed his otherwise gifted defense and playmaking prowess. Simmons’ relationship with the Sixers soured after the 2021 playoffs, and he requested a trade.

Simmons made a surprise return to the Sixers just before the start of last season, but was quickly kicked out of practice and suspended for one game. Punishment was not the issue. The No. 1 pick in the 2016 draft had no intention of playing.

And he never played for the Sixers again.

Playing against them seemed, well, that much more fun.

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Nets: Seth Curry scores 14 points. Although he was involved in a deal with Simmons, his role in the deal was a little more personal. He is the son-in-law of 76ers coach Doc Rivers.

76ers: Harris grabbed his right ankle and limped into the locker room in the third quarter. He scared Sixers fans, but he came back and hit a jumper to make it 85-82.


Nets: Wednesday in Toronto and Friday in Indiana for a three-game trip.

76ers: Embiid will miss Wednesday’s game in Charlotte.

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Nets’ Ben Simmons booed, Philly homecoming loss to 76ers

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