Navacord Completes Biggest Deal of 2022

Navacord, one of Canada’s top four commercial insurance brokers, has completed the announcement of its largest partnership of 2022, bringing Insurance Store under its umbrella.


Navacord President and CEO Shawn DeSantis said: “Their entrepreneurial spirit and belief in brand, practice and community resonate with our vision to provide a local touch service with national strength.”

Jamie Mingay, President of Insurance Stores, commented: Navacord understands what a broker is and has the resources and capabilities to help us build. The entire team is looking forward to working with him on Navacord. This is great synergy. ”

The Insurance Store, which has five locations in Ontario, is considered the most important partnership for Navacord this year.Trading is subject to 15 of the brokerage firmth partnership and 10th Acquisition this year.

Navacord Completes Biggest Deal of 2022

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