Nationals Extends GM Mike Rizzo, Manager Dave Martinez to 2023

Washington (AP) —Dave Martinez and Mike Rizzo were signed throughout the 2023 season after the Washington Nationals exercised the World Series-winning manager and GM contract options.

Managing Principal owner Mark Lerner announced his move on Saturday before the team’s 80-season match, which has already recorded 50 losses. Martinez and Rizzo are currently overseeing reconstruction efforts after helping the Nationals win their first championship in 2019.

“I’m really happy to be here, and I can get through this,” Martinez said. “This is my house. I love it here. I love the people I work with.”

Contracting Martinez with Rizzo is especially important given the potential changes in ownership that the franchise is facing. The Lerner family began looking for a Nationals sale in April.

“I think it brings some continuity not only to this organization, but to the players, which is great,” Martinez said. “I’m glad to know that we’ll be together and continue to work our way.”

Lerner said it would be right to move forward with Martinez, who has been hired since the 2017 season, and Reso, who has been running the club’s baseball for the 14th year.

“Mike has taken us to different stages of the organization, and I believe his work at this stage will ultimately pay off,” Lerner said in a statement. “Davie has done a great job at the clubhouse and dug out for five seasons. His continued determination and unwavering support of the players make us proud.”

The biggest problem the Nationals are currently facing is the future of superstar outfielder Juan Soto. Martinez admits that many of the current players will not join the team when they return to the fight, but soon after 24 years old Soto becomes the face of the franchise and efforts to sign him in the long run Continued — long before he could become a free agent after the 2024 season.

Martinez was pleased to have signed a two-year contract when all of Washington’s coaching staff were hired, although it may not be long if the new ownership changes significantly. Now he and Rizzo are back.

“I couldn’t see myself doing this without Liz,” Martinez said. “He guided me here thick and thin in my first year. He’s like a brother to me.”

Nationals Extends GM Mike Rizzo, Manager Dave Martinez to 2023

Source link Nationals Extends GM Mike Rizzo, Manager Dave Martinez to 2023

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