Musician Christo Graham releases an album with local roots

North Glennville certainly does not lack local talent. The creativity of the locals is endless, as illustrated in the work of local musician Christo Graham.

Cristo grew up in North Glennville and now lives in Landsdawn. The new album is called “Grahams General Store” and may be a familiar name to residents who have a long-standing connection with the area. Graham’s general store is the actual store that Christ’s father, Tom Graham, ran long before he and his four siblings were born. The store was in Bishops Mills. The album was released by Christo’s band of the same name, consisting of him and his four brothers as members of the band.

The Bishops Mills grocery store is symbolic in itself and was recently featured in Tom’s book The Story of the General Store: The Secret History of Bishops Mills.

The Times contacted Christ to find out more about his music. In response to the question of what influences his music, Christ tells the Times: Eagles, Linda Ronstadt, and classics like The Beatles and Harry Nilsson. All of these have some joke elements. Humor is a big part of some of the best music, so it looks like just a carefree fun, but it plays an important role in storytelling. ”

Christo revealed that he and his brother were playing music together at a brunch restaurant in Keptville, but not much after the restaurant closed. Last year, five brothers got together and started playing together again some music, especially some songs that Christ wrote last winter. “I’m glad we were able to join together again for some songs,” Christ told the Times.

Christ’s story is the latest in a series of local musicians whose work has been featured in the Times, including singer-songwriter Laura Ray and songwriter Darren Michael Boyd, and is creative in North Glenville. It shows that there is no shortage of local talent. Christo’s latest album has received enthusiastic positive reviews from both the Canadian music fan-based website Great Dark Wonder and the American publication Music Mecca, which introduces the talents of lesser-known artists. I am.

Those who are interested in learning more about the work of Christ and his brothers and listening to their music should visit their website at

Musician Christo Graham releases an album with local roots

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