MPI Expands Opening Days for Driver Testing Centers

Satvir Jatana, MPI Vice President and Chief Customer Officer, said: “A long and dangerous winter filled with many road closures and booking cancellations, coupled with a backlog due to COVID-19, has resulted in long test wait times. , we are rolling out multiple initiatives to increase access to load testing.”

Crown Corporation, Manitoba’s Autopac public auto insurance, driver’s license and vehicle registration company, also announced that it will be adding additional resources in addition to extended business days. Insurance companies are hiring up to 20 new examiners, offering paid overtime to employees who work on holidays, and providing overtime hours to local driving inspectors who work in Winnipeg on holidays.

“Our team remains dedicated to serving our customers and is working diligently to address this backlog and increase demand by adding additional test capacity,” said Jatana. explained. “We recommend that all test participants only schedule road tests if they have the appropriate professional training and driving experience.”

MPI informed us that only load test services are available on Sundays. A customer who completes testing will be provided with documentation to submit to his Autopac agent or MPI Service Center during normal business hours for the remainder of the licensing process.

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MPI Expands Opening Days for Driver Testing Centers

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